need a case

Does anyone know a shop that sells wooden or clear cases for arcade sticks? I havent been on SRK for awhile so I dont know if theres a shop around.

There are a couple people here that make them, other than that I can’t help you.

Clear case? Sounds like you’d like an all-plexiglass case from tek-innovations. Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

+1 for Art’s Acrylic case. they are nice =)

b15sdm,souji5,butteroj,cleaner,True_Tech,Valbjorn,VOLTECH,Ronninwarrior… just off the top of my head… for wooden cases… hell you can even go to Lizard Lick Amusements and look at the DIY cases they have

…Jutman22,nitewalker,satek… theres a few out there…

Do you mean a carrying case for arcade sticks? Or do you mean empty arcade stick shells? Because if you even looked through the trading outlet or performed any kind of search you would of found custom sellers for wood or “clear.”

Lizard Lick carries Team Foe Hammer cases. :wink:
DIY Cases