Need a Chair for my MAS stick

So i think i will switch back to my MAS stick. But i dont wanna be on the floor playing all the time due to back problems. Anybody have a website to point me in the right direction so i can place it there? My friend has a chair that fits it perfect but the store that had the chairs went out of business. :frowning:

The stick it self is 1ft. 4in long so getting something alil tighter would be cool?

A stand for your stick would be a option, but more than likely it will have to be custom made.
Maybe TE Fightstands could make one that would accommodate a MAS stick

My friends would make their own stands. They just took two milk crates, put one on top of the other, then put the MAS on top of that and hold it down with 2 bungee cords. They did that for years and seemed to work just fine for them.