Need a challenge in MVC2

Yo my gt on xbox live is Lazy swat boy and i need a challenge in marvel and im the best in missouri and i proved it. My team is cable, dr doom, and cyclops. I beat the best known in missouri NKI and Rex0r. So if you think you can beat me add me. If you think im talking shit im not i just need a challenge and if you choose low tier characters dont even bother sending me a friend request or challenging me. So im hoping for a challenge peace.

:confused: really? And why does your gamer tag under your profile read “DC1902”?

Anyway, I kind of want to test out the connection for this game - especially longer distances - I live in the east coast.

So if you want to give it a go, reply back.

because dc1902 is my brothers account and I don’t have a srk account, i’m just using his to post here, my gamertag is lazy swat boy, send me a friend request

Okay I’ll do it tomorrow when I wake up in the morning with a description.

(Not going to stay up til 5 AM lol)

3-1 who next.

and i suck

6-0 with point Collosus. HELL YEAH!!


Ran into a clockwork
then a scrub

And TBH I just started playing mahval today

I pick matrix Wtf/?!

You guys played him already? I haven’t even dled the game yet.

Yo dude are you ready? I see you are online but you’re not joining.

Edit playing you now, you’re doing good for a pad can see why you’re top in state.

We should play again when our shit gets straighted out

Na shaded run dat shit back bring it on!!

Servebot FTW!

We already finished… he was kinda doing badly because he was using a pad and couldn’t get used to it so we stopped.

hit me up online… i’m on right now…

ID x IR x IE

no one is playing ranked!!!

I’ll head over to my friend’s house tomorrow and I’ll add you on his account to play.


what a lame excuse… no button mapping!!!

Button mapping is for newbs and scrubs…

Since this thread is open anyone want to play?

I’ll play. =D

I only use lower tier teams for the time being. I don’t know when I’ll get around to working on a tournament worthy team. I’m not that interested in the top characters.

I’m getting bored of fighting people who don’t know what they’re doing and causing them to ragequit though, so I’d like to play with some more serious players. Even if you’re using top tier teams, I’d like to try. <(’ '<)

Gamertag is Bearzor.