Need a custom builder

Been tryin to find someone. I either cant or get the run around and someone tells me that they’ll get back to me.

Im looking to get a hitbox made with keyboard keys that is dual modded for 360 and ps3.
If your up for it and interested plz reply or
aim contact: paperbagofwater
skype contact: rx lead (name c.guidry)

hope to hear from someone

Lurking is good for your e-health. :smiley:

Just an FYI. Controllers with actual keyboard keys are not easily made with common tools.

i understand… ive seen pictures of ppl that made sticks with only keyboard keys… i know its possible… im just wanting to find someone that knows how… I would definately pay very good money for one…
i like keyboard keys for their advantage of being compact like a gamepad but with the speed attack advantage like arcade sticks…
i like sticks but only older models type sticks. I used to have a MK1 and MK2 machine. the sticks on them are very tight… thats the style i like… but i truly prefer an all button, i used to play fighters on keyboard. the advantage i see with keyboard keys to arcade buttons is that you actually have to push to keyboard keys… unlike arcade buttons where you will just tap… where there is more room for error in that favor i believe

… I’m wondering also… if i have to resort to all buttons… what are the smallest buttons that are made. the smallest ive seen on sites are 28mm. Are there any that are smaller?

there are 18mm buttons and 24m

m buttons. These are the 18mm buttons:

18 mm buttons aren’t suitable for game play, unless you like a button that has to be pushed down 1cm with 10 times the resistance. Go with 24mm buttons.

Also there are square 24mm buttons, OBSF-24KK, but honestly are not worth the trouble getting square holes cut.

Contact Butteroj He may be interested in building it for you. He is just about finished with mine.

You may want to look into getting Sanwa OBSF-24KK buttons. They are still square, and still use the same Microswitches as the Sanwa buttons everyone uses. May be much easier on your builder.

While I doubt you have the money to spend on it, this thread reminds me a lot of the Matias halfkeyboard, as well as any number of more affordable external numpad devices.

I know [[url= microswitch&_sticky=1&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_sop=15&_sc=1]individual keyboard microswitches are sold too](‘http://[URL=‘http://[URL=‘http://[URL=‘ keyboard microswitches are sold too’’’’) although I’m not sure as to their compatibility for use with an arcade board, how you’d find a properly fitting keycap or if microswitches are even what you want. A majority of today’s keyboards, especially the flat buttoned kind with the short throw like Apple’s Wireless Keyboard use silicon membranes with metal contacts on the button to achieve their general mushy feel and short throw. This not only changes the feel but it also makes the circuit board on the keyboard a part of the switch.

The biggest problem, perhaps is that the keyboard itself has elements of the button shell built into the casing asis shown when the keys re popped off. You could theoretically cut them out but it’s definitely not just a simple salvage and reassemble…

If you’re just looking for something with the same basic tight layout as a normal keyboard, so your fingers can navigate the keys quickly, it might work out if a numpad could be adapted. However there’s not a whole lot of flexibility in this project to say the least.