Need a custom joystick for multiple consoles. Anyone up for a commission gig?

Hey, guys. My first post! I’m vercimber, and I was referred to from in regards to a custom stick I’d like built. First, let me apologize. I am a noob, no doubt about it, a neophyte, a little wet behind the ears. Forgive me if any of this post comes off as ignorant. :wonder:

I recently got back into gaming–in a big, slightly obsessive way. I own a PS2, Saturn, 360, and DC with several hundred games, the grand majority being shooters and fighters (thanks to GaijinPunch of–he’s sold and EMS’d me at least ten games in the last two months).

I have been searching for a nice arcade stick–and I really admire the HRAP2 and VSHG, but I can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve tried to contact MAS Systems, but they won’t respond to my e-mails and generally seem unprofessional, whereas other venues seem to cater mostly (and understandably) to the MAME and PCB/Supergun crowd.

Enough prefatory matter: I’m after one heavy-duty, all-professional Sanwa (or some equivalent) stick that has multiple controller adapters for my systems; that is, I’d like one six-or-eight-button stick for my Saturn, PS2, and DC (the 360 will have to settle for the Hori EX2, I guess–unless, of course, there’s a way to include the 360 in on the deal (VF5 is just around the corner). I don’t have the time nor the knowledge to start such an endeavor on my own, so I’m soliciting help from one of you who’s willing to help out. Conversions from existing sticks are perfectly fine, as long as the conversion entails making the stick compatible with multiple consoles. In sum, a beautiful, arcade-quality joystick compatible with:

–Xbox 360 (should such mod technology exist)

I’m willing to pay for all the parts and fund the labor, somewhere in the $150-250 range and even a bit more should the mod warrant it. Let me know if this is feasible or whether I should give up on the dream.

You can check my references at eBay, under the name “vercimber.” When I buy products from private sellers, I pay (typically through Paypal) immediately. Respond here or send a PM to me should you be able to offer a hand.

Thanks for reading.