Need a fighter in Chicago area

I want to go pratice with anyone in fighting arcade but there is nothing around where i live. so im trying to find different area and fight so if anyone wants to pratice with me before evo tourney just reply

Put where/what area.

will anywhere in chicago im trying to look for i even have fighting and wanted to pratice with it will mostly kof series and the new one i got the fist of the norrthstar and guilty gear

Then post in that region. I’ll move this there. Remember that people aren’t telepathic: you’ll generally want to communicate more clearly with precise details. :smile:

Thank Preppy :D.

Post in the Chicago thread. We usually play at gatherings, depending on game and how far you can travel. But we also meet at Nickel City in Northbrook sometimes too.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

thank u

thx man i live around norridge how far is that where im at?

Sorry to be such a noob but where is the Chicago thread? I can’t find it…

just type it on

just type it on the search engine chigo thread

chicago thread:


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