Need a fighting game recommendation


Hello. My favourite pvp game, WoW, has a dying population, the game is over saturated with skills, and the skill cap has dropped significantly over the last few expansions, so I’m looking for another competitive game to play. I spent some time playing League, but the 30-40 minute matches are simply too long for me to enjoy. Now I’m looking into the fighting game genre to give me that competitive fix.

The fighting games that I’ve put a decent amount of time into are SSB and DBZ budokai 3. I played one of the soul caliber games, but I never played online, either due to the community being dead or not having internet access at the time (not sure which). I vaguely remember playing the bald black guy with a scythe.

Anyway, I’m looking for a popular fighter on the ps3. I’m not a big fan of fighting games where people just jump around everywhere; they look very unappealing and frustrating to play and don’t resemble fighting. I’m not too concerned with balance or game depth: I just want something fun that has short queue times so I can endlessly chain matches, win or loss. If there’s a ladder/elo/mmr system in place, excellent. I love ladders.


If you’re looking for an online centered fighting game with a competitive ladder, you’re going to run into problems. Fighting games are primarily made to play in an offline environment. Most of them have terrible online netcode. That being said, what was your name in wow. I was also a big wow arena player in wrath.

Also, I think this is supposed to go in the noobie dojo not sure


I was not a big arena player, I just liked playing it.

Then what are some online fighters that play out well online?


Ultra Street Fighter 4_ King of Fighters XIII. Killer Instinct, Tekken 6. Virtua Fighter, Dead Or Alive sound like your cup of Tea. Look them up. You said you don’t like fighters with alot of arial movement and jumping. So I suggest you stay away from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Blazeblue, Guilty Gear and similar games.


If you’re mainly looking to play online, a game on GGPO/Supercade will be your best bet.


kof 13 has terrible netcode, usf4 is decent although pretty bad on the ps3

Skullgirls has good online
as does 3rd strike online, soul calibur 5, GGPO games, ttt 2 (I think), and virtua fighter 5


Sounds like you got some great suggestions. Go investigate and have fun. :tup:

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread as it’s really only of use to you. And now you have some suggestions, so we can all go along our merry way.