Need A Gen teacher



I live in Brooklyn and my is gamertag lexxiton on xbox


Watch Xian and lab he uses almost everything. read some of the threads here too, there is alot of tech. learn to do this combo: Mantis cr. lp, cr. lp, hp mk target combo. it is one of gens most important combos practice this until its down 100%, you dont want to drop it. from there all you have to do is learn mp and mk hands a few safe jumps, and you will be good. make sure you learn how to combo off of a crane involves a stance change midair. gen is not very easy to teach and it takes alot of time and practice to get used to him but he is a very rewarding character to learn. i would teach you, but im still learning on my own. i can point you in the right direction though. if you have any questions pm me. remember practice is key


I just wanna learn why the fuck st mk-hands is so fucking hard. Yet I can do cr mp hands consistently. FML


there is no need to do it.