Need A Gief To Spar

Looking for an EXTREMELY good Gief to practice with. I main Akuma and trying to get better at the matchup. Preferably someone who knows their matchups, can do all types of combos and approaches, and not just spam lariats. Message me on XBL if willing.

I’ve played u a few times in ranked. Also the proper way to deal with akuma at full screen vs fireballs is to lariet if the akuma dosent know the match-up. u might be causing the lariets by spamming full screen fireballs or jumping in on gief. So I’m not sure if u think I’m one of the scrubby giefs that beat u using lariet but feel free to hit me up on live.

The reason u don’t see gief using lariet much in high level matches is because the opponent keeps him close enough to punish lariet. If an opponent keeps backing up and letting me lariet for free I will use it to build meter by bypassing fb’s and gaining ground it’s not spamming. Also lariet is the best AA move in the game. Also doing big combos isn’t what gief is about so if that’s how u are judging the match-up u don’t get why gief is good. Not to rant but you might want to check every thing u thought u knew about gief at the door and approch the matchup humbly.

Well let me clarify 2 things…

1st…I never asked why I didn’t see Gief using lariats in high level play. As an Akuma user, against gief, I will ALWAYS zone Gief out to full screen until I get him to react in my favor. I never spam plasma against gief for the sake of getting cheap damage or lack of strategy. I do it so that he can jump it and I meet him on the ground with demon flip kick to BNB or anything else I feel is effective. And not just demon flip setups. Spamming FBs on Gief is a painfully obvious and pointless tactic anyway. I’m not a beginner at this SF shit.

2nd…I fully realize that Gief wasn’t built to do major hit for hit combos. I just mentioned that method as another approach I would like to try and counter. So, please don’t assume that I’m judging the ENTIRE match up based on something as superficial as doing punch,punch, kick combos.

I do remember playing you online a few times, but I don’t remember how the matches turned out. I’d have to see if I happened to record us at any point. But I’ll play you again so you can give me a more honest evaluation of how I play the matchup. Besides, I never said I knew EVERYTHING about the Gief matchup or that I was frustrated with the matchup. What I actually said was ‘I main Akuma and trying to get better at the matchup.’ So now that we’re clear, I’ll try my best to get some matches in with you as soon as possible.

I’d be more than glad to play you. I know corny Seth and Gouki matches too well. If you ever have GFWL you can hit me up @ AzOpTicaL