Need a good Chun custom!

I’ve been switching in and out of doing different cc with chun and I know she has one that does around 8000. Can someone please share their most powerful chun customs? Thx in advance.

i know she has a custom that uses a ton of her kicks cancelled into her kick super, but i’m not sure how to do it. besides, from what i understand setting it up is fairly difficult and kind of impractical. it’s still hot though so if anyone knows how to do it, please enlighten us.

i usually tend to use her insanely simple but highly effective sweep cc. activate, throw out three crouching fierce kicks and cancel into spinning bird kick, repeat, finish with her fireball super. it does good damage and can even be used as anti air.

what i use is

activate C.fpxxF+mkxxC.fp repeat…kick super

tons of damage