Need a good DVD ripper/encryption breaker

if anyone knows of any can you post a link or pm me some info?

to backup your dvds:
mactheripper + dvd2onex for osx
dvdshrink for windows

if you’re converting them to divx/xvid/etc.

The last time I did this (which was a while back) I used AnyDVD + DVD Shrink. DVDFab will also substitute for AnyDVD to rip the disc. DVD Shrink can’t circumvent the protection of many recent DVDs.

Encryption breaker? dvd43 - free and easy
Ripper? FairUse is quite good, handbrake also works nicely and is free

my old dvd ripper (I forgot the name) would often muck up the rip and the audio would be out of sync and I have no idea why. as long as I can find a ripper that won’t give me this problem then I am a happy camper.

DVD decrypter…Its what I use

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve messed with this, but DVD Decrypter stopped development and there are newer protection schemes that are incompatible with it. Granted it’s probably on some Sony garbage like The Fast and the Furious so I’ve never run into it.

if i can’t get dvd shrink to work, i’ll use the free version of dvd fab to back up the whole dvd to hd, then use dvd shrink.

im using dvd shrink but the audio-ts folder keeps showing up empty but the video folder has everything, when i burn the dvd will the audio not be on the disc?

empty audio_ts folder is normal. most original movie discs do not use it.

ok so the audio will still be on the disc then?

yes sir

edit- my understanding is that the folder is only for older dvd players to check for compatibility

do u know a good program for burning the files to the dvd, a few file types are not supported by the program on my computer, it says file types IFO and BUP wont burn to the disc and some of the stuff on the disc issnt showing up


search in google, should be the first listing

I use CloneDVD 2 with AnyDVD 6.

Then burn using Nero Burning Rom.

^ This.

I also vote for DVD decrypter.

But I also use DVD shrink.
Both work great.

I use DVDFab 5

Anydvd + DVD shrink or DVDFab Decrypter

DVDFab is the one thing I use to decrypt and burn. Been using it for over a year without a problem.