Need a good tek-innovation hitbox layout (or any good layout)


And hello, I’ve been lurking but now that I’ve done some research I won’t ask obvious questions.

With regard to hitboxes, I’ve seen a couple variable patterns. However the one displayed on this video:
Seems to really have good ergonomics.

If you are aware of a pattern that is generally more comfortable and requires less motion I am interested. I want to dive into the fighting controller world skipping joysticks as I’m just not a fan.
I like the idea of smaller movement buttons than attack, the 24/30mm looks good and I imagine works well. Im also a fan of sliding motions and have smaller hands.

Great forum guys, I’ve learned so much just by lurking here. I’ll either be modding a Madcatz TE with a new hitbox faceplate or building one myself. I have experience with wiring car stereos and such so this can’t be that hard.


Just email art and ask him if he would make you an 8 button HitBox layout for a TE. (I recommend all 24mm except the up button) I’m pretty sure he gets asked a lot about it so he should have the layout available. If not you can use his custom panel builder and do the layout yourself.


He made me a 6 button layout so it shouldn’t be a problem


Oh wow, just email him? Thats so coool.

I’m a noob so don’t take this offensively (i actually don’t know) why would you choose a six button layout over 8 buttons?
I’ve seen Mortal Kombat sticks with that Midway layout with six buttons, and a few major brands as well.


I don’t ever see a need for 8 buttons, they all have 6 in the arcades or less. Pretty sure they only sell sticks with 8 just in case some do want to use 8(most disable the last 2 buttons)


Are there any games to your knowledge that require it? I suppose people are using them in the way that R/L bumpers do on KOFXIII.


Thank you for this suggestion, for my KB layout on SFIVAE I use shift for down (due to my history with Counter-Strike). Does having block/down as a smaller button negatively effect it at all?


Most games don’t require it, but I would rather just have them for 3 punches/kicks or in marvel for one of them to be a dash button. But its all preference if you don’t like them later you can disable them or take the buttons out and put in button covers.


People use 4 buttons in KOF


To return to topic,

Can someone please touch on this further? Is this suggestion because of my preference for sliding" motions? What is the benefit for smaller attack buttons but one large up on a hitbox?


I say this because for some attacks its easier to use your right thumb on the up button so you can time it with the attack button. I do this when I’m doing 360’s or instant air burn kicks with viper, but you could do it with any instant air move. EX: Cammy, Makoto, Akuma…


Not to divert my own topic too much but… how would a hitbox effect Juri you think? She is my favorite. I know her diagonal airstrke is like butter on the keyboard I can only imagine it on a hitbox.


If you mean her dive kick it should be easier than on keyboard, because the buttons are bigger. It should still be as if you were on keyboard just easier to use. Also if your modding a TE find a way to add in SOCD cleaning. It’ll make doing dashes and other stuff easier once you get used to it.


Godlikecontrols has a cheap SOCD cleaner. 8 button layout is good for guardian heroes on the Saturn. Also it’s preferable for SNK layouts. For street fighter and other natively six button games, six is better. Personally, I have a set for each layout, it’s important to have the right tool for the job.


I imagine a Madcatz can’t be that different.

Looks like I can’t get around soldering this time, I avoid soldering as I prefer modular technology.

This is good information guys, thanks for recommending an SOCD, I wasnt sure what it did.


You could solder header pins onto the PCB and use the push pins.


Another option you have if you want to avoid soldering is using a PS360+ because it has it built in and works on a lot of systems. It’s what I did with my most recent stick, but there is a small problem in Xbox mode. (which is really the only mode is use) Akishop said they were looking into it so it may be fixed but then again it might not, but its only really a small problem.
A link to the thread about it:


Ill keep that in mind. Whether I go full custom or TE mod will probably be a price choice at the end. Madcatz TE are solid $100 and are PC compatible without any extra software (my primary concern). The big question is those extra 4 buttons, they may make or break the cost value of a TE and make it worthwhile to go full custom.


What extra four buttons?


Joystick -> hitbox. Im referring to the 4 buttons i’d be adding to the TE for movement.