Need a high class Ryu to play against

Hi All,
I’ve been playing ssf4 AE for the past week or so on xbl: Ranked and havent come across any strong/high BP/PP players to play against. All I seem to come against are beginners (no offence). I hit arcade mode and set the fight requests to on for all regions and for ‘more skilled’, but I’m not getting more skilled players. Is anybody here having the same problem?

Anyway, are there any strong Ryu’s on here who would like some mirror matches? I play most nights (I’m in the UK by the way). My xbl tag is: rashed786

I fear that if I dont come across players who are going to push me then I’ll lose interest and pack it away.

I need to brush up on the mirror anyway, but I’m in the US so lag will probably utterly suck BUT you can add me if you want: MiGSRK. If not I understand.

I was between 2000 and 2500 PP on SSF4 and was steady 5000 bp.

I am no high class Ryu but you can add me if you want too : Pranapieton
I havent played for 3 weeks I am in break but will hopefully
resume sometimes…

I wonder what the lag is between Canada and UK…

Any pc users?

You can add me, same as my xbox tag, gfwl: IR u u

Thanks. I’ll add you in. I’ve played against players from US, Cananda and its been ok.


I’ll add you in.

UK to Canada/US has been fine for me. I’ve sometimes got full green bars with no noticeable lag.

I’m around 2500 to 3000PP and 8000BP so I think were around the same level in points, but as we know, points dont really mean much. I’ll add you in and if I see you online, I’ll setup an endless lobby.

Add me if you want. GT is ZOMBIEGUTS TZA

thanks. I’ve added you also. will see you online.

you can add me anytime. so far the only ryu that was even was infexious. try me: swedish ryu

you can add me as well. gamertag is EvilDante744

how did it turn out?

How you doing Swiss? I’ve played you many times on xbl, I’ve already got your gamertag: swedish Ryu. Your prob one of the strongest ryu’s I’ve played. There was you and another ryu with the tag: Ninja Shakz (I think he mains Abel now), but apart from you two, I dont think any other ryu out there has messed me up. I’ve loaded a few of our vids from ssf4 (pre AE) on another thread in here so people can critique my Ryu (hope you dont mind).

I’ve not had a chance to play Zombieguts or Pieton as yet. I’ve not seen Pieton online and I’ve not managed to get an endless started with Zombieguts even when he is online, lol. I’ve not seen you online in a while. If I see you, I’ll match request you.

thanks, will do.

Aww… damn, its a shame i don’t have an Xbox, would love to play against you guys. But, best of luck guys, hopefully you guys get to improve on your Ryu gameplay and show those yun players who’s boss!!!

Alright everyone it may be a while before I get to play any of you because my xbox can’t read games anymore…gotta get it repaired :frowning:

nevermind got another one :smiley:

haha thanks man! of coure, we can play anytime. I already played pieton if it’s the guy from netherlands (?). he’s got a pretty decent ryu but most ryu still lack the basics. i have seen ryu’s that can do freaking combos but can’t even do basic zoning. so if zoning is not your thing guys, drop him and start playing yun, where you can just rush the hell out of your opponent lol ^^


try |infexioux|. he’s got the best basics out there. I think you can learn the most from him because he doesnt do freaky combos but has an awesome fireball game. other than him, afaik there areen’t any top notch ryu’s anymore. Yamazaki (french player) was pretty good too, but he stopped playing.

where is zombieguts tza from?

btw rashed, just started playing again. haven’t played for almost 6 months… had quite a lot of stuff to do and the nerfs of ryu made the game pretty boring for me. coudn’t understand capcoms decisions. i loved the ryu the way he was when i was in japan playing good old vanilla. it was so fun to play daigo in shinjuku and I got many good memories. but now ryu sucks pretty much as he’s the most predictable character in the game.

I am from Kentucky