Need a high class Ryu to play against

lol too bad man. then we cant even play against each other… totally laggy :confused:

We should still give it a try I think,you never know lol.

yeah we can do that. but im very lag sensitive. i SUCK HORRIBLY AT LAG. i always get outsmarted ^^

Kenpachi BE is a solid ryu too, but yeah, I think Infexious is actually the best in Europe.

Add me for some casuals :slight_smile: XBL: The Rage VII

I will post my gamertag again so more people can add me for some matches
XBL: EvilDante744

You might find on on PJS stream.

This thread is exactly what im looking for! Hey guys, i need some ryu practice too! I main blanka tho, so plz no mad pweez:), uhm im ranked 144th on blanka leader board? i try to play solid and thro in the mixups occasionally. I can even stream it too! if ppl wanna watch i guess. im on right now on XBL jonkun86 help a brutha out. peace!

Blankas are not our bros lol

I’ll go ahead and post again as well. Add me for matches
XBL: I Ruu I

I’ll add you. My tag is rashed786.

I will also add you


Doubt anyone here knows me, but I think I have a decent Ryu. Gamertag is GoombaFromMario.

can you guys please write if you are from the us? ^^

hey guys how about an Ryu player directory so people can come here and find Ryu players by looking at that?

That would be awesome. DO IT!

I will start on it soon

Certainly not high class but anyone feel free to add me for games. XBL: Distorted84. In the UK here.

are you on PSN? I’m having a hard time switching from Ken to Ryu, definitely has some more strict timing links than Ken, but I feel more in control of a match when I’m ryu so I’m determined to switch. You still play on PSN?

My Score isn’t as gd in this one because I don’t play as much, I’m around 105000BP and stay in the low 3000-3500 PP, but in Super I milked it and got up to 15500BP and 5000PP…My point? Points don’t mean squat. In Super I was considered one of the best Ken’s online at one time, but I couldn’t even beat an average Viper. So yeah, I’m a real player looking to level up.

Ryu niggaz hit me up!

PSN OmniCloud
PSN Jabriel87