Need a Initial D avatar

Could somene make me an initial d avatar with motion and the 86 drifting?

well…looks like no one can help me…:frowning:

Can you help us out with pictures of the 86 drifting? We’re not genies. We don’t just snap our fingers and stuff pops out of thin air.

Reading Stickies = good things sometimes

I couldn’t find anything too good or with animation, but i found somem decent pics.If anybody can make me an av with these pics,that would be great!!!Ill take anything!!!I got about 3-4.

her is another

and another…:smiley:

and another…last to be exact.

Ok…I can do somethin with this now.

What name you want on the Av?

Mine I guess. thanks!!!

Eh…my attempts at animation on the 86 all ended up lookin like there was a poltergeist or somethin chasin it. Here ya go.

Thanks I love the av!!!