need a lil help.

–when i try to play online with mame32k or 117 it tells me that my kaillera file cant be found. there was a long period of time that i didnt use mame at all so what little i did kno about how to fix things on it i have forgotten. any help about how to fix it or where to get a kaillera file would be much appreciated.

I’m not to sure if kaillera clients or even still running. But you could d/l 2DF or GGPO depending on your preferance of game. Last time i tried to get MAME32++0.117 Kaillera to work i got the newer file somwhere but there was no servers i could choose from. or could get you started playing fighters online again. Kaillera is still alive somewhat but ggpo seems to be the most popular.

it took me a while to get back on here but thank both of u alot. xactly what i have been lookin for.