Need a little advice please - Hard Trials #5. Abel, C.Viper, Gen

Need some help with the last trial on hard mode for Abel, Viper, Gen.

I’ve tried reading a fair bit, but I’m looking for some pro help or advice on how to complete these respectively.

I’m using a TE stick, and still having a bit of trouble, it may be my timings. Any advice on how I should look at the timings? or how I should feel them out?

I usually main Seth or E.Honda, and these chars giving me the most difficulty.

Thank you for the support, looking forward to the help.

i don’t polay stick so my help is limitted.

**Abel - ** the hard part is ->MK - HP… Remember it’s askingfor MP CoD, i had a habit of doing HP. Secondly… the FADC, work it in two sections. w Forwards for FADC short pause, 2 Forwards with MK. This is important because mashing out the dashes is just going to get more than one dash, you actually have quite a bit of time to hit that MK so don’t rush it.

As for the 1 frame link Hard punch, thats just down to practice.

Viper - I’m really not the one to be asking, i did it with phenominal difficulty on a pad, so it’s a bit of a varied set up… I cancelled LP knuckle though if that helps. & you don’t really need to rush the High jump cancel, try & make that bit smooth.

**Gen - ** To cancel hands you have to cancel it on the first link this is damn hard especially with the other hits you have to do before hand the combo goes as such

Full Gekiro

Now to initiate hands at the right time do the kicks as normal, then do press lp twice quickly, MP twice quickly then HP to start the hands, this is tough but with the second trick it makes it a tad easier.

Secondly let hands finish, but don’t lengthen it, instead do MK after hands… this isn’t as hard as it looks. Also do super when the MK hits, to do this, do QCF MK -> QCF HP, So you’ll be hitting the MK mid super. After that the Gekiro will just take practice & maybe a smidgen of luck, i found the first two hits where the most important to time, then the rest you have to increase how quick you hit.

i think this’ll help you