Need a little help from the community!

Hi guys, I’m completely new to SRK, and I humbly ask for some advice, but first some synopsis :smokin:

I’ve been playing SFIV for a couple months now and I love it (even with the flaws you all know), and I’m just now scratching the surface of the fighting games community (I was and maybe still am FPS addicted). Aside from that, I main a pretty average gief, mainly in G2 championship.

That being said, I really need some directions.
The facts are these:
I live in Europe and two of my friends are going on vacation in NYC from the 4th of august to the 18th, so I was planning on buying, through them, 2 TE fightsticks and the Limited Edition of BlazBlue (all for PS3), so my questions are:

1)How are the in-store disponibility and price of the PS3 TE fightsticks?
2)Will they still be able to find in-store the PS3 LE of BlazBlue?
3)Am I going to pay for these items crossing over to Europe from America?
4)Is there any way to maybe buy or order these things online before so that my friends only need to step in the store and take them?
I’m estimating this shopping to be around 380 dollars, so tell me if I estimate wrong please XD

I’m sorry in advance for the boring questions but I’m quite desperate for infos here, so thanks to anyone who spends a little of their precious time answering them :china:

You know there’s this thing called the internet where you can buy stuff and have it shipped to you, right?

Also I wouldnt dive into fighting game accessories just because you get a few wins using scrub gief

Shipping+EU taxes of some imports cost more than whatever you’re buying sometimes

I’m just gonna quote what Taito said, in order to not waste time with you Gorath…
I’m sorry but, do you really have so much free time that you can write this kind of bull****? Come on…

The SFIV TE stick is pretty much sold out at most B&M locations. BlazBlu can still be found, however.

That’s a useful answer, thanks Irennicus :wink:

So anybody got tips for finding the TE fightstick?

This is not a very helpful post.

~SRK Posting Police~

Have your friends call up local stores while in NYC…

Gonna do that!

What’s left is the doubt about whether i’m gonna pay or not extra taxes when the items cross over…

Fixed 4 ya. Everybody gets one. Tell him, Peter.


Tell them to buy it online, and get it shipped to where ever they are staying.

That is probably one of the only places you be guaranteed the TE sticks. Not sure if they ship overseas though.

edit: they ship but you get raped by shipping fee =P

I thought he was going to ask for money.