Need a little help from the creative types

I saw a thread similar to this earlier but I didn’t want to jack it with my problems, so sorry in advance if I’m adding to the clutter. Anyways, I’m not the best with photoshop, nor am I the most creative individual, however I have been wanting to create my own stick art for a while now. This is my most recent crack at it:

I just wanted a simple mostly b&w “hand-drawn” style with Akuma. I thought a splash of red would add a little life to it, but I’m thinking the red buttons might be too out of place. Basically I was just wanting to get some other opinions and maybe advice. Thank you!

Also, if anyone else wants to seek some advice, but doesn’t want to start a new thread, feel free to post up in here.

50 views and no responses, damn I must have made some awesome art lol. C’mon someone has to have an opinion. Help me out.

Where’s the original stock you worked with?

The color scheme is a personal favorite of mine, but perhaps having black buttons would be best.

whats the render i cant tell…

The background was just a pic I grabbed from google, I searched for “bamboo forest”. The akuma is something that a friend found on deviant art. The original was colored but he redrew it as a sketch. I liked his version better but the picture file I used was pretty low quality. I’ll have access to a better quality one soon. As for the buttons, I was also considering using red bases with clear plungers if possible. Although I don’t really know how to mock that up in Photoshop. I do think the overall look would benefit from some slight color to break things up, but I think the solid red buttons probably are too much.

As for the render (if that is the same thing as filter) it is sketch>graphic pen.

Thank you both for responding.

no i love the fucking design that black and white…it looks fine just a better akuma render would be good and its fine…love the design again…XD…if you need we can ill look for some good renders =D and post them…check this out