Need a little help moving items at the dojo



Dojo needs some muscle :slight_smile:
Would anyone be interested in volunteering helping moving items from the garage to the back storage? And whatever doesnt fit, we can stack it in a corner of the garage?

saturday 1:00

I am hoping some people can come over at around 1:00 so we can finish before TW starts at 4:00.

hehe thanks.


I’ll try to come out and help. The dojo has done so much for everyone, it really shouldn’t be an issue to have us help you guys move some stuff.


WIll help with moving shit, and help with dos equis, if anyone going already could swoop by and get me ^^.


Bump 4 update: Did anybody help you guys do this yesterday? I forgot to ask when I showed up, so now I feel bad if it wasn’t.


nobody did, but its all good. Going to handle it myself today. People are welcome to come if you have the time. If not all good.

I also wanna thank people for staying clean and following the new rules of the DOJO. Feels good to wake up to a clean house after these events!