Need a little help with something I'm working on


I’m trying to get my business going and almost have a logo. I haven’t used Photoshop in years so I can’t make it look quite how I want. This is what I have so far

But I’d like the letters to overlap a little and stagger from top left to bottom right if possible. I wanted a slight white (thin)shadowing on the letters but wasn’t sure if that’d clutter it up. Any help is greatly appreciated and you will obviously be given credit where it’s used. I think I’m the only community member in the mower repair business lol


two of your images aren’t loading for me, couldn’t you do this using Word, change the line height for each letter and then reduce the line spacing, take a screen cap, edit in MS Paint


That one image is the only good one. When I did it in word with a screen cap the quality turned out awful for some reason