Need A logo/AV!

Hi we would like something real clean and classy,and of course something with our name on it…(please no cursive fonts…) if the logo we recieve is good ,we can pay $5-$10 through paypal!!!

Well are name is Outlaw customs…so a outlaw/western theme would be great!!!

we were thinking skull with a cowboy hat on it and crossbones or crossing revolvers? decide:rofl:

Black and white colors would be nice.:wgrin:

Thank you in advance.

We would be willing to do this for free. Yes

who’s “we”, Parker?

anyway, is this just for an avatar or for other use?

Just an avatar really…

we are venom

Aight. we will do it. Got any specific western thing for us to do?

Not particularly,sorry.

Went through the site I get my images from, and this was basically it. I’ll look on google tomorrow, but would like a anime or human like feel. I need something to work with than just western.

well we kinda just wanted something a little basic…we came up with this

But we just wanted to eleberate a little more (Like a better skull or design?)

A few attempts:

We are good.


Lame, someone make a good avatar already.

Sorry guys, we found an avatar that works out!!!

Ha ha ha, glad I didn’t make an avatar for you. That avatar is terrible too.

We are disappointed.

Not that it matters but I wouldn’t ask for an avatar around these parts no more cowboy. We don’t like your kind, your hear boy?

That wont be a problem.

Sorry Tat Guy, I can send you $10 for your efforts if you would like? We deaply apologize to you.

We don’t have paypal.

Oh…im sorry,Is there anything else we can do?