Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Any modder in the Montreal (Quebec, Canada) area?

Post here to say that I am in Aviano, Italy right now, and if anyone in Italy needs some modding services, I can provide some.


Looking for a modder in the jersey city area, to dual mod or even pad hack a ps3 ssiv te stick

Chicago, IL

Dual mods and repairs

Any modders in the Rochester area? coming up there next week for a while and in the need.

Add me to the list please!! I live in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Here’s what a list of what I’ve done.

Put together multiple custom sticks (Buttons, Joystick, Wiring up the entire stick)
Using boxes from


FoeHammer -

NiteWalker Simple cases - FS: SimpleCase Custom Arcade Stick Enclosures - Free USA Shipping

Modded a may flash stick to have sanwa 30mm buttons and a sanwa JLF

Dual Modded Te’s

PS3 dual mod (using imp v1.1 and a Super Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 fight pad)

Xbox 360 dual mod (Using a toodles ChimpSMD board)

Put together a Chimp and a SSFIV Fight Pad Also a Mad Catz 4716

My wiring is somewhat desirable (need to find out where you guys get those wire spiral wraps/covers) but I love doing stick mods and helping out ppl!

Sorry, I’ve retired from the public eye. Please remove me if you see this.

Ver314, sakabato24, and Dannkk Added. Motoh removed. Been busy, but you are all updated now.

Looking for a modder (dual mod specifically PS3 to Xbox 360) in the Duluth, GA area.

North Carolina, Raleigh-durham region

Pm me for info.

PM me, I live in Snellville. Ive already got the parts.

I’ve sent a couple of PMs over the past few months and have gotten no response; Can anyone help me find a modder in the Chicago area who can dual mod by PS3 TE?

looking for a modder in orange county cali. i have a hrap 3 for ps3…have a few questions, who can help me?

I’m Westminster, Orange County, CA.

Finally added Coralian. My Bad buddy, but you are on there until you decide you want out.

As a heads up to the modders that still check this, I am going to clean up the list by PMing every modder on the list near the beginning of January. I will give everyone a month to respond, and then I will remove those who do not. Only reason being is I want the list to be accurate with active modders, not something people try and only have a 50% success rate with getting in touch with said modder. I understand everyone may be busy, and if you do return after a couple month hiatus and missed my message, no worries, just let me know.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. I can wait to put my feet up for a few days…though we all know that doesn’t happen. -.- Lol.

Forgot to ask you to change my name in the listing from
BlindWithOneArm to Kuya_Joe


Still looking for a modder to help me in orange county

No luck with jdm714?

no, i havnt heard from him in some days now. needing to know pricing and such

he is probably busy. my usb cord broke and i need it fixed hopefully before christmas. Actually i want to put a neutrik mount (i think thats what its called) with detachable usb cord. now ssf4 ae 2012 is out and i dont have a stick to play it with :frowning: