Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Still looking for a Socal modder hopefully that travels to San Diego to help out with a dual mod with my PS3 stick. Thanks!!

I originally just wanted to have somebody padhack an xbox one controller for my current stick but I think a new custom stick from scratch would be more worth the money. Is anyone making custom sticks for the xbox one as of now? I’m very interested in getting one.

Anyone in sd or close to sd that can mod my stick to work on xbox one? I will provide the pad

gahrling just did tri mod on my madcatz te in under a week. friendly to deal with would definitely recommend.

I found this forum after seeing Gummo being mentioned as the possible first to dual-mod a stick for Xbox One and PS4. I’ve got both new systems, and will supply the controllers. I’m looking for someone to modify my arcade stick to add Xbox One and PS4 compatibility.

I am pretty sure he can do it he has a thread in the trading outlet here or a pm would be the best way of getting in contact with me.

Thanks YellowCan. I posted in his thread. I DM’d on twitter and sent him an email prior to posting on the forums, but had nothing. Thought I’d just post here and fish for other possibly available modders on, since I’m sure Gummo is staying busy. Haha.

We’ll see if he can get my mod in and get it done… If not, I’ll keep trying. Thanks again.

What are your rates? I have a Xbox Tekken 6 stick i would like wired or dual modded for ps3

Still looking for a modder that is looking for work in San Diego. Just need my SFvTK Pro Fightstick to work with 360 as well.

Looking for any modders in the greater Seattle area (or even Northern Oregon) that can repair my stick that broke for Christmas (probably needs a new pcb) Only need it PS3/pc compatible

Not been having luck with anyone listed so far

Looking for a modder in NC that can make my stick compatible to the Xbox One. I will supply the stick and PCB!

n/a - modder found.

can one of the mods add me to the san antonio texas region please? Let me know if you guys need more information.

@Ed1371 can u do led mods

yep, what stick?

@Ed1371 I have a PS3 TTT2 and have a Sparky Jr led board but I don’t know what led lights will work with it so I was hoping u would give me some guidance on the type of lights I need so I can hopefully send my stick and parts to you to install.

@MG3181 you can use the Uila S Flash or Arc eyes. The sparky board is a little limiting but depending on what you want, it may do exactly what you need it to. Do you have clear/translucent buttons already? Hit me up via PM about all the details of what you want

F.Y.I. i am located in Salinas, CA. Monterey Coast Area. I make custom fightsticks, mod, & dual mod if anyone is interested in the area. At this time, i just finished making my fightstick for the XBox One and playing Killer Instinct. I’ve been making fightsticks since the SNES days and modding sticks for 10yrs. Passing on information for locals or anyone!

@ShowtimeEX my rates are listed here:

Anyone in Canada, Ontario in the GTA that still does stick mods? The users listed seem to have been inactive for a while.