Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Hey guys, I am back to building full sticks and blank cases.
The shop is based in Phoenix AZ, and the turnaround time for a custom is typically 4 weeks.

Interested parties feel free to PM

(previous builds can be seen here:

As expected no love for Minnesota. The struggle is Mike Ross real. I assume though HitBox’s are fully capable of getting PS4 mods though.

Yes, there’s nothing preventing a hitbox configuration from working with any pcb.

No one in the Sacramento area or near doing ps4 mods???

Expect a new set of PMs to hit the inboxes in the coming weeks.

This thread needs to be updated, I have been out for a while, but I have found a new scene in France to get me back into the swing of it all.

Best Regards,

have any NYC Tri-State area modders added a Myoungshin Fanta stick to any standard TE or HRAP case? I would like to order one from akishop and see what the hype is about!

I found someone who had done this mod on SRK forums but he isn’t trying to do it for everyone! I have this exact T5 HRAP!
[](Tekken 5 Hrap - Korean Modding tutorial
@DJ-Blitz THANKS for the Inspiration!

I have done PS360+ mods but this will require some heavy hardware like Drill Presses which don’t fit in my tiny NYC apt. any advice or interest please pm!

Looking for a Modder in Texas hopefully other areas work also if you don’t mind shipping to me. I am looking for a simple mod (i hope its simple) i am going to buy a Hitbox and i want a custom button layout for it. If its something someone feels they can do please contact me.

Please add me for NE Florida (Jacksonville). I do pretty much all mods but I don’t build sticks

someone near or in germany who is able to build hitbox style arcade stick?

anyone in colorado needs someone local my boy KCO_astro did my stick recently great work clean work fast work great guy really cool guy and we are now friends because of this. please support him and go through him if your in colorado

I know people usually reserve modding booths for EVO, but will any stick modders be at CEO 2015 this weekend?

Thats like asking if we have a modding booth at E3.

Please remove me from the list.

I haven’t modded in forever and moved to a place without my tools.

I would like to endorse @networkingyuppy at Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn for pcb mods. he got a sweet dual pad quad mod going for me! #evoprep

hey guys, im looking for a modder in the dfw location to dual mod a stick for xbox one and ps4, im currently in grapevine tx

What does this even mean? One is a yes and one is a no.

Are there any Downgrading/Jailbreaking services In Maryland &/or DMV area??

(for ps3 down to OFW 3.55)

Not that I know of.
I my self has decided to stay clear of the Jailbreaking/Root Access/CFW market.

This isn’t that type of modding we’re talking about lol