Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Sorry to grill you, MonoTekETeA but you’ve got my information wrong. I’m not a New Yorker. North York is a municipality in Toronto. Also, it’s “Carleton” University.

Hartford CT area
dual mods, ChImps, MC Cthulhu, padhacks, desoldering buttons from PCBs & adding wires/disconnects, case mods,

Total custom wood sticks.

PM for more information.


Lol, no problem man. Just pointing out to me that there is more to Canada then cheap “Eh” and “Aboot” jokes, Energy Drink Mountain Dew(That is just plain Mountain Dew), and a big 'ole waterfall. Sorry I got 'em wrong. All fixed now!

Sorry, just like to add “Markham” to my area too since I live there, but didn’t think many people would know where it was lol. :wink:

Oh cool. :stuck_out_tongue:
Ben Fong-New York City

This is a slick idea for a thread. It’s too bad it can only be edited by the OP. Guess that’s the nature of the forum. If it becomes outdated let me know and I’ll get something sorted.

Ow geez. That kinda hurts. But I agree, if I do disappear, hi-jack the code and repost it. I wouldn’t mind. I’ll keep it updated as long as I am in the scene, which I hope is for a while…

Btw, I won’t post every time I update it, because I don’t want to bump the thread…that is unless I have permission to…

i’ll do mods in cleveland. tons of exp and i like to think i have a pretty good rep as a custom builder ;). too busy to deal with a trading post thread so email me for requests

I wasn’t added to the list :’(

Looking for someone in columbus, ohio.

Mah bad hype dog. All done.

California, Orange County area.

Have done dual modded SE’s, TE’s w/ cthulus, chimps and have done madcatz fightpad padhacks.

dude about time someone made a post for this.


Edgar Added.

I think there are more then a few of us that think the exact same thing about modding. Repost when you get some experience and are comfortable with modding and I will put you up.

Los Angeles, California

I’ve done dual mods using Toodles’ pcbs (Cthul/McCthul/Chimp/Piiwee), padhacks for different consoles;
x360: Fightpad and 4716 ( both 6-button and 8-button inverted setups)
DC: Dreampad and dreamcast HKT
PS; Digital and DS

currently working on a PS3/360/PS2/PC tri-mod using Chimp/SSF4 TE-S 360 pcb/PSone DS

Also working on my first rj-45 for the McCthul

Um I’ve also done a couple of stick builds using existing cases. Waiting for funds in order to work on my woodworking/aesthetic mods.

Oh and also do general repairs.

I am Westminster, Orange County, California.
Anywhere SoCal can meet?

My modifying abilities?
I am Tech Talk.

sticky naow!

Hak-New York


hakdizzle, I need a bit more clarification as to where in New York you are. Also, I will be linking your post, so it would be nice for people to be able to read a brief description of what your skills are. Not needed, but nice.