Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


Anyone in this thread still actively building stick? I would like to commission a custom ABEL themed stick. Plz reply.


the time has come for me to get some next-gen modding done.

Currently in Tyler, TX - need a mod for both PS4/XB1 systems, since I now own an XB1 and a PS4.


Looking for a RJ45/plug-in cable mod for my Hori RAP EX.

I live in London, England.


Anyone near Sacramento or the north california area doing mods? need the ps4 padhack on my xbox 360 stick, please pm me, thanks…


This might be a stretch, but is anyone here good with modding PC desktop cases? Preferably in Florida.


I have a an OG TE1 Fightstick for 360…is it possible to get it modded for ps3/ps4?

If so Anyone in the NYC area can help me out?



Someone please answer this, I’d really appreciate it. Can any of the next-gen arcade sticks be dual modded? (Ive been out of the loop for over a year) I really dont want to buy two more arcade sticks to use on both the PS4 and Xbox1. Im debating on whether or not to get the new VLX Kuro for PS3/4 (I have the OG Red one dual-modded for last gen). Thanks


Hi, new to the site. I was searching through Google for someone who can unflash an Xbox 360 for me. I had messaged a person who lived near Northern Virginia who was on the list but they haven’t been active for a few days. Just thought I would post here to see if anyone lives in the DC metro area who can flash an xbox 360 back to stock. Thanks!


I have messaged the 3 ppl in Central Florida Devils Fang,CanadianDstryr and destinydmm and just waiting for a reply. Since there last updates have been ages ago I will just dropped this here as well
If anyone is in the Central Florida area lemme know.
I am in the market for a multi mod for a TE2 PS3/PS4 Stick
Primary System is PS4/PS3 hence the version I bought
Systems I would like to play on would be Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U/Wii/Gamecube
If the buttons/stick on the stock Mad Catz stick itself is inferior Sanwa parts let me know what parts I can order to replace them with. Only say this because of reports of Madcatz using Sanwa parts but them being inferior or not going thru quality control in order to cut costs.



I am not in Florida but let me help you out a bit here. If you want PS4 and XBoxOne support you need to have a controller for both(both dont need to be TE2 controllers just any controller). The reason for this is that modern controllers have to be licensed and they have a license key of sorts. This is why you cannot just plug in an original 360 wired controller in an XBO and have it work. 360 worked the same way but there have been lots of work arounds out there including pirated keys from cheaper Mad Catz controllers which you should try to avoid on principal.

That said the Akishop PS360+ WILL work with most everything but the XBO and Nintendo systems, with the caveat that the PS4 support disconnects every 8 minutes and has to reconnect. It’s horrible for any kind of competition play but it’s being worked on. For now it’s not a good solution for the PS4. There is an adapter to use an actual XBO controller and requires soldering for the mod but it’s all pretty simple. I am working on designing a an electronic switch to switch between the PS360+ and the PS4. Im not an engineer so I;m talking to some other people to get help with it and I emailed Akishop to see if they have any suggestions. To my knowledge there is nothing out that that supports the Nintendo consoles aside from adding in an actual nintendo controller but I don’t deal with Nintendo much so someone else may have better information about that. The TE2 has a decent amount of space inside but it will get crowded if you add too much in there.


Hey guys, I’m from Memphis TN and I was looking for a modder to help my fix my stick. I have the madcatz vs for 360 and I was I installing the Cerberus PCB for PS3. I did the instillation just as the video instructed and when I went to test it out my stick wasn’t being recognized by the 360, and when I plug up the stick and hold start at the same time the guide light comes on and rotates as if it was trying to sync. I’m willing to pay for shipping it to you and your cost of labor. Email me for pictures and thanks again guys.


You can add me for the Albuquerque to El Paso area as well, at least for the moment. If you’re in this area and need work, tag me with @moonchilde or PM me.


Good morning! I’m from South Carolina and I need some help. I have a Qanba Q4 ice red that I’ve yet to use but wanted some modding done to it first. I would like to be able to use the stick with my PS2 and Dreamcast. Please let me know if you can help.


Still looking for someone to mod my teb2 for ps4 in colorado


PM me.


Hi, any nodders here that would be willing to build an arcade fighting stick for the PS3 from scratch. I don’t have the time, tools, nor the knowledge/experience to do it myself. In other words I am a complete noob when it comes to wiring soldering and stuff like that. I am however an avid fighting game player and I would really appreciate it if someone was able to do this for me so I can become a better player. I live in deep south Texas, McAllen to be exact.

P.S. If there is someone here able to do this, then i have a buddy who would also like one for the PS4.

Edit: I just want an arcade fighting stick for my PS3 so if you are also willing to sell one that you have lying around it would be ok as well.


I suppose I will post on here. Eastern North Carolina, in Jacksonville. I am by no means any kind of an expert. Seriously just got my first arcade stick, and have not done any mods to it yet.

That said, I am damn good with a soldering iron and I know electronics very well. I’ll be a little more comfortable once I start modding my stick, but even then, if you need some soldering or electrical help on a stick, parts installation, that kinda stuff (Or just basically anything about PC’s, real heavy PC gamer + IT Analyst makes a good combo for gaming lol) I’m down to help.

I don’t charge unless I have to order something. And even then it’s just the cost of ordering it. It’s all fun for me :smiley:


Hey guys, I am back to building full sticks and blank cases.
The shop is based in Phoenix AZ, and the turnaround time for a custom is typically 4 weeks.

Interested parties feel free to PM

(previous builds can be seen here:


As expected no love for Minnesota. The struggle is Mike Ross real. I assume though HitBox’s are fully capable of getting PS4 mods though.


Yes, there’s nothing preventing a hitbox configuration from working with any pcb.