Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


If I can’t find someone in south florida, I need someone who can ship me a pad hacked DS4.

Ideally I would like to get this working with my ps360+ hitbox. If it would be easier to ship out the hitbox, I can, but I’d rather wire it up myself.

I’m out of the loop on who would be the best to do this with.




Guess that’s a no? :confused:


Feel free to move my name to Sunnyvale, CA. I don’t know how far I can stretch my free time presently, but let’s see what y’all want done :slight_smile:


Is anyone in Houston who can help me quad-mod my Eightarc Onyx?


You might have to mail it in to someone such as Gummo, Duckie or I.


I need a modder in TN who can do dual mod a Qanba Q4 for PS4 and Xbox one


Update time.

Two months later then I said, I know, but this is a slow moving world here.

PMs going out today to all the modders on the list.

I am going to ask for you to respond (to my PM, not here) that you are still active, and to also verify where you are currently based out of.

Best Regards,


I’m in Texas, needing to update my TE-S to work with PS4 and XBox One (I have a 360 Padhack done by DanAdamKOF that’s still kicking). I would do it myself, but stock of PS360s and the Crossbone systems is non-existent everywhere. Looking for the Christmas holiday so I can start in the new year preparing for Final Round in March.


Looking for a modder in the Greater Toronto Area(or if any modder is coming to the Canada Cup late October) who can dualmod my Hori Hyabusa Xbone with PS4.


The following modders have been removed due to their lack of response to my recent PM. Another PM was sent to anyone on this list notifying them of this.

If you are in this list, and you replied to the PM, please let me know. It looks like if you leave the conversation, your responses leave too. I wasn’t expecting this.

[] afierymisfit
] kylednotm
[] destinydmm
] Spektrum
[] Soul of Ignorance
] Sly_Guy
[] osiriskidd
] Dannkk
[] Dracula X
] Darksakul
[] spenzalii
] blueNINE
[] Akka
] ogerbites
[] Ver314
] EdgeKun
] Kleners
[] Half-Ro
] alpharudy
[] kasprfoto
] majinmajor
[] ID01
] Jamin3131
[] chowwun
] mr. mortified
[] Kuya_Joe
] SpeedsterHarry


OK, I’m in the hunt for a modder. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Gummo for the past 3.5 weeks and he hasn’t responded to me. Basically, my massive stick needs to have full PS1-PS4, XBOX One/360 and legacy support (Dreamcast). Currently, the stick already has PS1-4 support, Legacy support and XBOX 360/PC support. The stick has a PS360+ w/ a PS4 Dual Shock Pad hack in it. The 360 portion of the mod no longer works. Can someone help me out?


Gummo is certainly active, but for the past few days his apartment has been surrounded by water due to the Hurricane. Weeks before that I couldn’t give you an excuse, but he is still alive and certainly active.


He also just got married

Where do you live?


I’m in Maryland. Yea I knew about hurricane since he posts pictures of it on FB. I knew he got hitched recently as well.


Umm I am active on the forums and this morning what the first time I got a PM from you


he PMed everyone at least a week ago


I never got the PM


I also saw it said like 46 people but only a handful showed up on the left side.


I’d like to be added to the list of builders for AZ.
The shop is located in West Phoenix and offers:
Completed Customs
Pre-Finished Blanks
Raw DIY Cases