Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


I need this exact thing but in in Orange County California (I’m near long beach)

I’ve checked on the guy in Westminster on the list that are near me but I never got a response. I’ll probably try to call the first guy on the list when I get home though


Pm me, I will put you in touch with jdm


Pm’s are finicky for me it seems. I still do mods when I have time. Painting, pad hacks (ps3/360/ps2/etc.), wiring, I won’t mess with a dual shock 4, any other ps4 solution is fine though. Also usually don’t do leds anymore. I will also build cases but it’s not my main thing.

I’m in prairie city now which is still Des Moines ish area.


I got this.
Replied to him when I got back from SCR.
I didn’t see his email sent on Saturday until I got back and situated on Monday.


Hey I am interested in having some custom work done in order to have my stick usable on my Sega Saturn, PSX, and PS2. I have several sticks and pads for these systems, but I would like a stick with Sanwa parts for these systems. I am not looking for a custom chassis, but rather utilizing one of my current sticks to be the donor for this build. Here is a list of what I have:

  • Hori Fighting Stick PS
  • Sega Saturn Virtua Stick (NOT the good Japanese version 2)
  • many PSX,PS2, and Saturn game pads
  • Hori Fighting Stick EX2 for Xbox360

I think that it would be cool to modify the Hori Fighting Stick PS with Sanwa parts and PS/Saturn capability since Hori made this stick for both systems, but judging by the size I am not sure if it is big enough for what I want. I also have Hori Fighting Stick EX2(xbox 360) which may be a better donor chassis as well as potentially making a stick for my PSX, PS2, Saturn, and X360.

I apologize ahead of time for my ignorance in this subject and if what I want isn’t really possible with the parts I have. I have read about the Multi-Console Cthuhlu board and it seems like that would probably do everything I want. So my true question is, would somebody be able to modify my Hori Fighting Stick PS with a MC Cthulu and Sanwa buttons/stick? If that is not possible to fit in my Hori Fighting Stick PS chassis, would it work in my Hori FIghting Stick EX2 chassis?

I am located in North Carolina and my email address is Please contact me by PM or email if you can help. I can supply the Sanwa parts if needed or I can buy them from you. I have so many fighting games I am dying to play, but no viable fight stick yet.

Thanks in advance!


Is there anyone that lives near Orange County/Long Beach area in Southern California? I tried PMing everyone but I think they might either be too busy to respond or whatever. But I have a TE 1 stick that needs repair. The USB cord seems to be broken.








Im in Central Va, and have done that exact mod to a Hori Fightstick PS. I posted said stick in the check out my new arcade stick thread the other day. Saturn n ps1/2 compatibility and full Sanwa parts. Ill shoot ya an email


Does anyone here have any experience modding Agetec Green Goblin sticks? Location doesn’t matter as long as there’s somebody willing to help me. I had somebody local do a PS360+ and Seimitsu parts mod for an old Agetec Green Goblin about a year and a half ago, but his work was really shoddy. The LS-32 doesn’t have enough room in the case, so the bottom of the shaft scrapes against the plate on the bottom. I know for a fact that people have been modding Seimitsu LS-32’s into Agetec sticks for over a decade without this problem, but I lack the expertise to do this myself. Pretty sure he made a mistake somewhere along the line.


Really? I was able to install a JLF in a Agetec with plenty of clearance in the case. I am sure I can install a LS-32 with little issues, as I installed a LS-32 in smaller cases before.
The smallest case I installed one in without major issues is the Injustice PDP stick, if anything the Green Goblin should have more clearance inside.


Can anyone in Toronto do an artwork swap for an SE? Or at least tell me where I can go to get it printed? Read that most of the FedEx Offices here don’t know jack about lami label.


Either get the art printed from @“Jasen Hicks” or GameOnGrafix. You can do this one yourself @SHSL_Street_Fighter . It’s not hard. You got this.


being ontarion is suffering


I just did 4 Green Goblin’s in a row. 2 with LS32s n 2 with jlf’s. I can post pix of work if need be. I am located in Virginia. Let me know


H, i’m looking for any modders in the Philippines! i’ve got an old TE that needs some work lol




What exactly needs to be done?


I would like to replace the joystick and maybe have it modded so it can work on PC.