Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


Is anyone near the SoCal area knows how to fix fightsticks? I havent used mine in a year and now it wont work on my PC. Will pay if you get it fixed ^^


Any modder available in the Philippines (Makati Area or more)?


You missed the post literally 5 before yours lol


I was just wondering if I could be added to the list of modders.

Country: Canada
Province: Ontario
City: Mississauga/Toronto
Modding Abilities: Padhacks, dual mods, general stick maintenance


looking someone who can make metal or plexi panels in the Inland Empire


@“Jasen Hicks” isn’t too far away


Orange, Va
Mod Abilities- I prefer to work on older/legacy/retro console arcade sticks (NES era to DC/PS2/GC era). Hardware mods, multi console mods, cosmetic mods. I can also work on the newer stuff too, just dont feel like its got ne soul B)


Anyone can do a pc/ps4 wired mod in Southeast region??


need someone in NC preferably charlotte.


I think I’m ready to put myself here. I’m located in the Durham Region of Ontario but I’m also pretty active in Toronto. I can do anything from aesthetic changes to PCB swaps and dual mods.


@Greent, @Gummo is in Norfolk, VA, so you could ship for relatively cheap.


Anyone that still does stick mods in the UK?


@gahrling does, just like the first page says


Just got my OG PS3 TE1 stick modded for PS4 and had the ball top swapped for a bat top.
The execution was flawless and if someone needs mods in the Bay Area, I can’t recommend anyone other than @DanAdamKOF !
He was very professional/affordable and he sent me pics with updates regarding my stick’s progress.


Looking for someone in socal/inland empire that can mod my ps3 te 1 stick to use on pc for sfv. I sent @jdm714 a few messages no reply.


Hit up Royal Flush


I mostly do soldering and troubleshooting, cable management, and other random hardware mods.
I’ve fixed TG-16 cd drives with broken gears, done region mods on several consoles, and did a lot of multi-console stuff, including RJ-45 setups back when I was running a retail store in Corpus Christi.

I’m currently located in Houston, TX and available when I’m not studying for classes. That means I can’t just drop everything and work on a project necessarily, but I tend to have free time during the weekends or Friday to do hobby stuff like this.


@souji5 Just added you. Sorry for the long wait. Welcome back.


I’m looking for someone near Philly or Lexington Park, MD. I currently own a HRAP 4 Kai for the PS4, but I prefer a bat top joystick with a circular gate. I also prefer my buttons to be straight and only six not eight. I can deal with the buttons being arced and there being 8 just I perform better with these specifics. The circular gate with bat top is a must though and I would prefer a sanwa one after researching online. I need help on this and/or am looking to buy a stick that fits this criteria. Please PM if you are interested.


Looking for someone in NZ!