Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


Looking for a modder in Vancouver BC Canada that’s still active!


Any bay area modder still active? Need a lil help please msg me!




what kind of help do you need?


hey man. I am located in fairfield/vacaville. what do you need?


Hello. I have 3 sticks that I would like to have modded for multi console. I live in Orange, Connecticut in USA. If anyone is available out there with experience in doing this, please post a reply or PM for further details. Thank you so much


Is it possible to make a PS1 controller that works on PS4? I hate the analog sticks getting in my way.


You might want to ask @“GOGO.Zippy” if the PS2 to PS4 adapter works with a PS1 controller. It’s been a while, but the I believe that the PS2 had backwards compatibility with the PS1 controllers. That might not work on the converter side, but you never know. It might also be something that could be patched in with a firmware update.


I got a PS2 version of the Sega Saturn pad to work well with the PS2 to PS4 adapter, and the PS2 Sega Saturn pad is just a fancy 3rd party PS1 digital pad.
I got a friend with the old school Sony made PS1 digital pad I see if I can borrow it from him and confirm it.


That’s whats up. Good looking out. Let me know what you find. Much appreciated.



Hi Mono, i’ve sent you an Inbox message for a purchase, can you check it please ? Thank you!


Hey, just wanted to give a shoutout and vouch for @RoyalFlushTZ. I had a PS3 SE stick that he dual-modded, and then he went above and beyond by applying some custom artwork and swapping out the stick too. Quality work, excellent communication and prices. If anyone’s looking for a modder in the LA area, I can’t recommend him enough-


I need a custom stick. I’ve tried modding a HRAP 4 Kai. I bought a crown bat top with circular gate, took out two of the buttons, etc. to help represent the american arcade style joystick. Well…it’s not working as I know the HAPP arcade sticks used to back in the day. I hate the clicking noise and it’s just not as responsive.

Buying an american arcade stick straight out of the box is impossible to find nowadays. Can someone please make me a custom stick for the PS4 for SF5? I want a circular gate, battop, with six buttons. I’m linking an image to basically what I want. I also want enough space to rest my hands.

Something like this

…and of course high quality parts(or well high quality for American battop joysticks I know most will say I’m crazy but it’s what I want) and a sturdy base. I’m guessing HAPP parts would be closest to what I’m looking for. I’ve tried the crown circular gate joysticks with battop and they just don’t feel the same.

I don’t care about looks or anything. Just plain black is fine. Please PM if you are interested. I live in the Philly PA area.


I’m looking to get active again in NC. PM me


Lurking for years, but finally ready to throw my hat into the ring…

Location: Brooklyn NY, USA
Modding abilities/ past mods:
[] MC Cthulu installations for TE R1, Madcatz SE fightstick
] PS2/ xbox 360 Padhacks
[] case mod and dual mod of Hori EX2
] Arcade Stick art application/ creation
[*] Brook UFB replacements for a hori FS 360 VX and Qanba Q4

If anyone needs anything done in the nyc area hit me up!


Just posting to confirm that Dponwakeup knows his stuff, even if he randomly disappears. I’m happy with his mod service advice but it looks like he’s not around anymore. Steve if you’re still around please get back to me. I have some people interested in work that I want to offer you before I pick it up.


Pm sent


Can someone help me troubleshoot? I’ve been trying to simply install the Brook Universal PCB on my Razer Atrox X1. Had problems with up/left/right input so I tried exchanging the PCB. The problem still persisted so I replaced the TP-MA PCB Assembly. Still only the down direction registers? Is it the damn wires? I’m losing my mind here… I’ll pay someone to get this damn thing working…


your connector is probably upside down

Connect either wire on the far end to ground, and then touch another wire to the input. Then press the direction on the stick and connect that to the correct input.


I knew I would feel like an idiot once I figured it out… THANKS :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: Damn, now MK and HK aren’t working…