Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


Looking for a modder in the chicago land area. Preferably the naperville area.


You can add me, although the German FGC is kinda secluded to their own forums.

NRW(State) - Cologne/Bonn(City)


Hey I am uk based and need a specific controller built.

I want to have an analogue stick (no dpad) on the left hand side with two shoulder buttons for SFV triple punch and triple kick . Needs to emulate the ps4 pad on the left hand side .

Right hand side should be almost an arcade stick layout but 6 button layout .

The layout probably looks like the madcatz fight pad but not a crap pad and much bigger right hand side


I don’t really come on this site often but you can add me to the list if you want I’m from Ontario
I have a site for some of my work my contact info is on there
(best contact is facebook)


Put me on the list of modders.

I’m in Colorado. I do in state and out of state work. I do pretty much all mods.

For samples of my work check SRK or my instagram.


so demanding :stuck_out_tongue:




Impressive work !!!


you guys can put me down on the list of modders as well.

DJ Divine - North Orange County

i’ve done mostly PS4 mods for people around me since that is the most in-demand mod these days.


I would like to be added to the list of modders. I live in Pembroke North Carolina. 45 minutes from Fayetteville, 2 hours from Charlotte. I can build cases, pcb installation, and minor case modifications.


Figured I would try this out here. Link to my thread in trading outlet. WTB: NYC Modding Services for an old MAS + Happ P360

Basically, looking for someone to hook up my old Happ P360 in a MAS case and HAPP buttons for PS4 love.

Willing to pay for some quality love.


Hello, I am in NJ and I need some help with my fight stick. It keeps sticking downwards and after an autopsy and a PCB replacement I believe it’s the main PCB causing the issue. Someone please help me, I don’t want to have to send this back to Mad Catz just for a CHANCE of getting a new one (if opening my TES+ doesn’t break warranty)


Still looking for a SoCal IE modder, perfably in the high desert


I have had the same problem. I am an old school casual player with big hands and I can’t play on anything except MAS. I can’t assist with making a custom stick but I would recommend searching for the street fighter 15th anniversary stick for sale online. That’s the closest thing to the regular “American” type stick on the market these days. You will have to switch out the board to a ps4 board, but that should be easy enough to do.


Looking for an OC modder. :slight_smile:


Hello all, I’m am custom stick builder in the Toronto Ontario Area. I offer a variety of configurations of builds. Plexi work, part swaps, Dual Mods, case painting, 2 player sticks, 4 , 6, 8 button layouts, "stick less " configurations.
Inbox me for details.


Hey all Im in Bakersfield CA and am available to assist anyone with modding a stick


I sent you a PM but I’m reposting here just for visibility.

Please add me to the list of modders. @mr.mortified and @chowwun (who used to do mods and repairs in toronto ontario, and used to be on your list) no longer do so – at least not for people who they don’t already know.

I do not have an SRK trading post thread because I mostly get my business through word of mouth and facebook posts. If you really need a references I am confident @mr.mortified (who used to be on your list,) can vouch for me-- although I haven’t asked him to do so yet. I can also ask a few of my previous customers if they have an existing SRK account to vouch as well.

I learned how to do mods by making an arcade setup with a supergun, and that’s when people started requesting me do their arcade sticks. Thus, most of the ST (Super Street Fighter II Turbo) community in Canada knows I am capable of doing mods and repairs, and a number of people in the US who play the game know as well.


Anyone near the Southeastern/Central Louisiana area experienced in padhacking. I want to make a Hitbox stick out of my Hori FC4, but I have literally 0 tool experience, so I was wondering if I could ship the parts to you, and then pay for labor and shipping in order to build it.


I’ve asked to be added to this list before, but now I have a trading outlet thread.