Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


Hi, I’m looking for a modder that lives in North Chicago,Gurnee, Wakuegan area


Hi Guys. I’m interested in building a stick. I’m in Toledo,Ohio. If someone with a rep can ship to me thats cool We can pay pal. I need a stick for Genesis and Snes but would also like PS4/PC aswell but mostly the Genesis and Snes are what I want. Let me know. Someone hit me with a ball park I’m thinking in the $300 Dollar range honestly.


Looking for some help in London to get some parts for my alpha.


London UK or London Canada?

If the former then I may be able to assist.


Yeah London UK. Based in south east. Wanting to sort out my alpha.


Are there any modders in the Milwaukee/Waukesha WI area? I’m looking to have PS3/PS4 capability modded into my X360 TE Stick. Otherwise, I might look into Vickomods.


Hit up @DaRabidDuckie, he’s close enough and can either meet (doubt it) or accept a mail in which would be much cheaper than mailing to me.


The funny thing is I came back to this thread and read this post AFTER I contacted and mailed the stick to you :slight_smile:


That was some 20 days ago.


Looking for a modder on the East Coast. The closer to Maine the better, but will take anyone able to do this specific job.

I need a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard modded with a PS360+. Two tricky obstacles to overcome here. First the keyboard being membrane. Second the PS360+ will likely not fit within the actual keyboard case, which means it’ll need a detachable external housing of some sort.

Also interested in if the modder accepts priority job requests as well as expedited shipping. I’m willing to pay more for someone skilled who can accomplish this in the quickest manner. PM me, thanks!


Im out here in miami…anyone one know anyone good for artwork and led button mods on a mad catz TE-S+?


@SheldonWasTaken have you looked into the Brook Sniper? Maybe an easier solution.


Hey as mentioned check Brook Sniper Thread;


@Honsaber I am not doing this professionally but I am known to take on mod projects for people on rare occasions. Is there a shortage of stick modders/makers in the UK?

Speaking of which, apparently someone really liked my hitboard project and wants to collaborate with me to make another. I figured it would make sense to make a set of bolt-in modules that stick builders can add to their panels to add cherry keyboard keys much like bolting on a stick, just in case more people would want to make their own hitboard.

Would other people here want these? Once I get this prototype made I don’t know if I should be making and selling these things as a product or not. So far everything I’ve made was either for me, or I was reimbursed in part with a huge box of Mexican snackfood…


Any Modders in uk? I’m based in North East England. Seems as though it’s mostly usa.


Looking for someone to do some repairs on an old TE.

Buttons are having problems not responding randomly. Got it repaired before and worked for a little while longer, but started shitting out again.


Hi, I’m going to be at Combo Breaker and I’m looking to get my stick modded and a quote. I have an XB1 Razer Atrox that I’m looking to get modded with a Brook Universal Fighting Board. I already have the board in possession and can order the rest of the parts if I need more. This is the specific model of board I purchased:


Hello !

I would like to find some help, I tried to mod my Qanba Q4 so that is works on PS4.
I followed a tutorial (in french… but if you want to look it up :p) explaining how to add a PCB from a Hori fighting commander controller into my Qanba Q4

These are the results :
When I plug my controller into a PC, it’s identified as a Hori Fighting commander controller, every button I connected seems to work (via game controller panel), so everything seems to be ok
If I plug it using the qanba PCB, it can be identified as a PS3 or an xbox360 controller

Buuuuuuut… when I plug it in my PS4… nothings works… the PS4 doesn’t recognize my stick… all I can do is use the legacy detection in SF5.

edit : it works !!!
The PCB from the hori fighting commander was in PS3 mode… x)


really need someone in the I.E whos good with painting


[]South Dakota
[INDENT=2]Half-Ro - Irving[/INDENT]

I dunno B Half-Ro is sort hard to find and I don’t know if the quality is good enough.