Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


hey guys Currenty in the looks for a Stick maker that can make a stick with Round edged like this one.


Anyone that can do mods out of south texas.


Hi. I’m looking for a modder in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area. Even Toronto will do.

What I’m looking for is installing a Brooks universal board and a hit box I have. I play on Xbox and I don’t have the time to do it myself. I can buy the parts and accessories. Just install it and we’re good.

Future works would be available.




Looking for a modder who either has a frankenpad or is willing to put one together. PS4/PC PCB preferrred. Hit me up!

Distance doesn’t matter much to me, but I’m in the New England area.


Looking for someone who can make me a empty DIY fight stick case. Just need the appropriate holes cut out.
I’m located in Australia.


Update to my last: I am now making these:

They will allow any arcade stick builders to make a hitbox with cherry switched keyboard keys to make a “Hitboard”.


looking for a someone who can dual mod/or just straight up replace a te s + xbox360 stick into a ps3/ps4 stick in the dallas texas area.


Looking for someone to build a PS4, w/ 8 button, optical 360 joystick. I used to purchase from Mas Systems but I believe they are out of business. In the So Cal (Orange County) area.


I am looking for someone to either build a custom stick or re-wire an existing stick that doesn’t work, because of a supposedly reassignable design that didn’t pan out right. I understand it might cost somewhere between $300-$500. I have a unique design for a joystick, and a story about how I beat an eventual champ using a right-handed joystick in Street Fighter II New Challengers for the Sega Genesis. I want someone who can advise me, but can listen to me. A previous person I talked to suggested new designs, and I pointed out a flaw, and that person fixed by another flaw, and at one point said no it doesn’t, and doesn’t explain how or why.

This is probably going to be a very long conversation, because of a side effect of an ambidextrous joystick, having to remap buttons on games that won’t let you remap. Add to the fact I’d like this joystick to work with potentially “everything from the 2600 to the 360 and beyond”, including Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. I have about 17 different systems, and eventually need a joystick interface for each one. It may cost even more than $500, but I’ll pay in installments beyond the $500 to finish the job. All I need to start is Switch, Xbox One, 360, and Wii/Wii U classic. Also I prefer to use the original PCBS or a system-authorized third party one, that I will send to you.

So if you sound interested, either post your US telephone number, or PM it to me. I’ll call you. Or you can send me your PM account so I can PM you MY telephone number. This requires lots of quick and long back and forth where text posting is too slow. I’ll call you because I got unlimited long distance.


Looking for a Rgh on a 2013 360 E, with xex and stealth. I am located in in Mass close to RI. Message me if you can.


@me_tan: Are you going to be selling those modules at some point?


currently on the lookout for someone to make me a recreation of the HRAP3 casing, no color needed, no wires buttons etc. either. i just need a ready for paint style case. if need be i do have a HRAP3 case that’s covered in paint in my possession, but its used as a Frankenstein travel stick if im going to a sketchy spot. i know the site smallcab has the ultra ulia thing, but to get that to the us would probs be pricey, and i dont have any personal experience with that seller. im in indiana, but id be willing to pay shipping.


I really recommend ArcadePC.MX for customs, takes about 2 months to get it made but its real solid and they work with you pretty well, message @Ki!!haRa. Couldn’t be happier with the service I have been provided.


Any fightstick repairment in Toronto, Canada? Joystick for my q4raf is on the not working side.


Modders in Berlin ?


Anyone in the DMV/East Coast area that builds custom hitboxes with keyboard layouts?


Hi, im looking for a modder in the sf bay area that could add db15 ports onto two of my fightsticks like the ones at windygaming

I would be using these sticks foe a supergun…thanks!


Looking for someone to build me a fight stick case for IL parts in the old Capcom layout but with eight buttons, and a couple custom design ideas about additional button placement for start and select. Would also need neutrik mount


I’m looking for a stick wirer. I already have the stick made. There are 3 key features I need. One is ambidexterity. Second is compatibility for every system I have from the 2600 to the Switch. Third is the ability to remap buttons using a Pre-PCB “telephone operator” system of RCA wires. (Why RCAs? Because if the cats chew them, I can more easily replace them with easy-to-find-at-Goodwill parts, and can do my own labor of replacing them instead of hiring someone to fix a cat chew.) I am willing to pay a $300 plus paypal fees as a deposit. I have a steady sure of income where I can pay $25-50 a month to finish it. I’m paying as I come. I pay for a portion of the work before you do the work. I’ll pay for shipping from and to my house anywhere in the US. (don’t want to deal with customs) For more details visit If you want to do it, private message any means of contact you wish to use. You might want to use a phone for quicker ping time in questions and answers. Feel free to record the conversation, or keep track of emails. I also don’t need it by a particular time because I am not a professional competitor.