Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


For just the direction key module? £20 + shipping, and I have one ready to go with Cherry MX blue keyswitches in it. If you’re outside of the UK I might waive some or all of that in return for sending me snackfood from whatever country you’re in.

Connection on it should be same as Sanwa, you will need keycaps but you can get those cheaper from a local supplier than I can get them for anyway.

For anyone else interested I’m just gonna sell everything for pretty much what it cost me till I run out, as not many people want them. People wanting just the PCB, its £2.50 for the direction keys and £3.50 for the action keys. I might do a second batch after I run out depending on whether the greater FGC wants me to.


I’m looking for someone than can build me a stickless case with a keyboard layout, kinda like the Mixbox. I live in the US (NJ).


still doing repairs/custom builds in oslo?


Looking to have a wooden hitbox with a metal panel made. Let me know if anyone knows someone who would be able to take it on.


Are you still making these or able to? I am interested.
Thank you.


Yep, I have the original set I made with Cherry MC Blues in it because the folks who commissioned it stopped talking to me, and got a few sets of PCBs still. What do you need?

Posting this a second time with this text added because I clicked the wrong reply button


I’m trying to find buttons to build a custom fightstick. so im looking for something that has the 4 directional keys. 8 attack keys.
and something to wire up the ps4, start, select buttons but the last part is not important.

how much are you selling them for?


Hello, haven’t posted in a few months. I guess I was kind of angry at Vivovicko, and he was frustrated with me.

First, other people is this a reasonable compromise. Vicko insists on text conversations so he can review previous transcripts so that there’s no argument about what was asked and what was promised for what price. I understand that.

I know I can be a lot long windd when the conversaiton is a one-way conversaiton, like a post or an email. I wanted to make sure whoever works with me understands what I’m doing. But if he/she follows my drift, they can rephrase it to make sure tey understand what I’m talking about. I need some sort of medium where there is quick ping time, for an instant reaciotn. Like a phone call.

But a phone call is no good for Vicko because there’s no searchable record. So I thought of a compromise. An instant Text chat online where at the end of the conversation, Vicko can select all, copy, paste and email to himself and me sor save locally on a text document.

Hopefully this starts the apolgy with Vicko. He summarized what I want in 4 adjectives. Ambidextrous, button-reprogrammable, user-friendly, and multi-concsole.

If either Vicko or someone else wants to discuss this further, please message me. By the time October comes I can pay in advance for these services, at least in part. I am on Social security, and not exactly handy with a soldering gun or electronics beyond cleaning controllers internally. If you want more info, visit


£50 plus postage for the set in the picture with cherry MX blue keyswitches (clicky mechanical keyboard switches), with 8 attack buttons and 4 direction buttons. The attack buttons connect with standard 0.1" header pins (like inside computers) and the direction buttons have a standard Sanwa joystick connector.

If you want a set with non-clicky keyboard switches please let me know what kind you like so I can go find out how much they cost and give you a quote.

If you are handy with a soldering iron, know someone with a laser cutter, and just want the PCBs, I will sell those for £6 plus postage and probably throw in the sanwa connector and header pins if I can find some, and give you the dxf files for cutting the 5mm acrylic that goes between the keyswitches and the PCB.

Payment methods can include local snackfood if you are outside of the UK, especially if it is spicy, spare arcade parts, old electronics I can mess around with, and stuff like that. I also want to see pics of what you build :slight_smile:


Hey me_tan, would you consider doing my job? Was the post after mine for the quote before my situation? You seem to be throwing out British Pound quotes for jobs, maybe you’ll take my job. Even though I prefer a Yankee (no customs, tarriffs, within the US, etc.), I think my long-windedness may have pissed off most Yankees who were willing to listen to me before. Most of what I want can be described at Triple Topper’s Fight Stick order and has links to related material here. If you have any questions beyond that, I assume you want an instant text chat so you can see what’s promised, offered, and the agreement by text searching and do it in a low ping environment. Find a Macintosh-compatible (for me, plus compatible with what you use) instant message website where the conversation can be emailed to both of us once a session is complete, and we’l talk. VivoVicko, just as he got mad at me, summarized the main 4 points as Ambidextrous, button-programmable, multi-console, and user-friendly. I’ve got specific designs, but is too long-winded for this topic.


I’m sorry VivoVicko. If you’re willing to accept my apology, and you do want to talk via email, the emails will be shorter if we have the quick ping time of an instant text chat room where you can select the whole conversation, copy, save and email to yourself and I can do the same to me.

I’m trying to accomodate your needs by “putting it in writing” which I think is a good idea. Now if you’re willing to go half way into a private instant chat text room, and you could have stopped my rambling mid paragraph and state the 4 simple adjectives that summarized most of what I want. and ten we could have proceeded quicker with less pain.

You understand the 4 big points already. You don’t need to discuss it further. I was trying to save you from my long-windedness by originally using a phone call which is quicker ping than emails.


An updaye to the Vicko situation. He only works works with straight from scratch. we did have a low-pomg talk preserved in writing if we WERE going to make a deal, but since he only builds from scratch instead of oworking on others’s stuff. I’ll have to find someone else.

Should I assume these prinicples are correct:

!) If you “Y” a wire, and only 2 of the 3 ends are connected, it’s equivalent to a straight connection? I noticed it is yes for a RCA and S-Video Connections?

  1. If the ground is carried on a separate pin, and the inputs on one pin each, they only have to interact at the joystick source. If so, then can you remap with RCA inputs in between the source joystick and the destination PCB?

If so I need some help. I am kind of klutsy, and never had an education in shop, ie never held a soldering gun. So I need help doing 4 different things:

  1. making a “telephone operator switchboard” of either 3.5 mm or RCA connectors to re-define controls as different functions.

  2. DB37 connectors attached to both the “left-hand end” and the “right-hand end” if my assumption of Y-ing is true back of my joystick, that’s already made.

  3. a little ring actuator needs to be installed because a previous person took it off and it has clunky corners.

  4. PCB wirings and connections to db37 (there are 26 inputs on a Nintendo Switch controller, plus the ground, and other functions, so 37 should be plenty, but 25 is not enough) of the folowing controllers: PS1 (spoken for m Matthew Gummo maybe) Xbox 360 (maybe Gummo would do that too,) Genesis 3 button , Colecovision PCB I will buy from Edladdin, (these 2 are simple digitial, so anyone can do it) if you know how to do it, A 5200 and a Intellivision 2, and eventually, but not now, a Jaguar and 3DO.

I don’t have to get them all from one person. I can split this job between many different people, or I can have one person do the whole job. I’ve got extra money for 4 months coming, and I can spend hundreds of dollars for all of them. Also I need someone to work with existing equipment.

Also if you like to communicate and have a record of conversation, we can have a low-ping conversation on Facebook Messenger. Some people don’t lkike phone becuase it’s temporary and not searchable. I need low ping to discuss details without droning on, like I do in posts.


i do not only work from scratch, i just don’t want to take on your job. Thanks.

Stop talking about me.


Hey, I messaged you on FB. HMU, thanks.


Sorry Vicko, I was only saying what you told me. I sincerely anm not trying to drive business from you. I was just trying that a) you were willing to do a low ping conversation, once I suggested you can save and search a text stream jsut like emails. I didn’t blab as much off-topic when we were in a low ping situation, so I know my own weaknesses well, and you told me “you don’t work with JUST ANY modder’s equipment”. Meaning if you don’t know the modder and their work, you don’t want to touch it.

I was trying to say we were trying to be more friendly. And I assume if you don’t know someone else’s work, it’d be way too expensive for me while for you have to get paid to analyze someone else’s work. Mabye someone else would be willing to pay it. maybe if Matthew Gummo and a modder I had hired during he Xbox 360 days called Stan Tescolano don’t come to help right, which may be over a year from now, maybe things wil cool down where we can re-talk.

I’m trying to be flexible. I don’t need it by a specific time to meet a tournament deadline. If you’re not comfortable doing something, I’ll ask for it elsewhere, like Matthew Gummo and his Analog Digitizations. I’ll be wiling to way until you find free time. I just know my own weakness where if i’m in a high ping-situation like email, i tend to blab and not get to the point, like this forum is an example. :wink:

and the only reason why I’m asking is because ever since Beeshu, NO ONE made a mass market right-handed or ambidextrous fight stick, otherwise, i’d be happy off-the-shelf.