Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post


For just the direction key module? £20 + shipping, and I have one ready to go with Cherry MX blue keyswitches in it. If you’re outside of the UK I might waive some or all of that in return for sending me snackfood from whatever country you’re in.

Connection on it should be same as Sanwa, you will need keycaps but you can get those cheaper from a local supplier than I can get them for anyway.

For anyone else interested I’m just gonna sell everything for pretty much what it cost me till I run out, as not many people want them. People wanting just the PCB, its £2.50 for the direction keys and £3.50 for the action keys. I might do a second batch after I run out depending on whether the greater FGC wants me to.


I’m looking for someone than can build me a stickless case with a keyboard layout, kinda like the Mixbox. I live in the US (NJ).


still doing repairs/custom builds in oslo?