Need a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post

i know there are some in houston TX, i’ll get info and post

I am going to be needing a modder soon in Houston. I ordered the PS360+ PCB from Akishop. I am looking to install it on a Madcatz MVC3 TE for PS3.

Can anyone mod a tekken 5 anniversary hori into a ps3/360 dual mod along with the mkp hrap conversion kit for a korean setup? Is that even possible? I’ll supply a ps360+ pcb, stick, and the panel, I just need someone with the skills.

btw I’m in California, North and South. :cool:

As a modder, I just wanted to say thanks again for making this thread.

Hi Guys

Can someone update the links?

I need to find a modder in canada Toronto.

Updated is in Tech Talk.

Here is Toronto.

More if you check the Tech Talk link.

I added my thread in Trading post, I mod in Las Vegas, NV. Please add me to the list, thanks!

Hey Networkingpuppy can you add me to the Southern Cali list… Fullerton/LA/ San Diego County please…
J&J SoCal Modding

Any modders around eastern Mass?

None that I can think of. I’m from western Mass and I go to eastern Mass pretty frequently. I’ll probably be there on Friday and Sunday, actually. Please send a PM if you are interested in getting some work done!

He already got Gummowned to do the mod. :wgrin:

Stay free, me. :shake: Thanks for letting me know, though. Haha.

If anyone in eastern Mass needs work in the future, though, please know that I go there often.

I’ll keep it in mind, since I think I might do more,

Any modders/stick makers in manila?

I’m an entry level modder in the Grand Forks, ND area. Basically just button and stick replacements for now, but I am looking in to advancing my electrical skills. I also do stick art.

I live in Hilton Head, SC.
Been doing electronics work in the Biomedical Engineering Field for 16 years, and can do most mods (button and stick replacements, LED Mods, etc) without any issues whatsoever. Also very proficient at troubleshooting.
Still kind of new around here, so I don’t have a feedback thread. I DO stand behind all my work though, and since I’m new to the community, I’m giving discounts to as many users as I can to build a rep.

Someone update this list! some of us are on one list but not this one as well

Add me to the list please!! I live in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Here’s what a list of what I’ve done.

Put together multiple custom sticks (Buttons, Joystick, Wiring up the entire stick)
Using boxes from


FoeHammer -

NiteWalker Simple cases - FS: SimpleCase Custom Arcade Stick Enclosures - Free USA Shipping

Modded a may flash stick to have sanwa 30mm buttons and a sanwa JLF

Dual Modded Te’s

PS3 dual mod (using imp v1.1 and a Super Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 fight pad)

Xbox 360 dual mod (Using a toodles ChimpSMD board)

Put together a Chimp and a SSFIV Fight Pad Also a Mad Catz 4716

My wiring is somewhat desirable (need to find out where you guys get those wire spiral wraps/covers) but I love doing stick mods and helping out ppl.

I for sure am going to need a modder in Rochester, NY. Rochester, NY modders, holler at me.

So maybe I’m a retard, but when I click one of the names I get a “not found” page. I’m looking for a modder in Florida/tampa bay area.