Need a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post


Are there any modders in california still around? I haven’t been able to get a hold of jdm 714 so i have nobody to do my mods anymore.


anyone in the Sacramento, roseville, citrus heights, area that mods? I need my ps360+ rewired as soon as possible. lmk thanks


Any modders in East Bay area (norcal)? I want to mod my ps3 stick.


Anyone in the NJ area? I’d like to dual mod my stick.


Any Modders in Miami FL area? i’d like to dual mod my xbox 360 stick


LF someone who can cut plexi in NYC


i live in Sac but not ps3


Is there any modder who can hollow out an LS-56 shaft to fit an LED?


I can do wood work, and have a history in prop making and custom art. I can work with any sort of request so anyone in the Midwest (Michigan Ohio Indiana) wants a stick pm me or email me at
Here’s my project page, kind of barren huh?


If your looking into Putting an Xbox One Controller in your stick, Get in touch. Doing Pad Hacks. NY only for installs. Will shipped Hacked pads.


Looking for a So Cal modder hopefully in San Diego, that can dual mod my PS3 fightstick to work on a 360 as well please. Please PM me!


Just realized there’s 2 threads for this. One in TT and one in trading outlet. Oh well, add me to this list too please-

Arizona - Phoenix - FrankCastleAZ

Please provide link HERE (click)


Looking for a modder from San Diego that knows how to install LEDs into my Sanwa clear buttons and an LED to light up my Seimitsu LS-58 joystick if possible, thanks!


Any good modders in So Cal/OC area that’s active and not MIA?


Any modders going to Curleh Norcal


Possible to mod a stick for PS3 PS4 Xbox Xbox1?


Xbox 360? Yes it is very much possible but with all those consoles it always makes me wonder if the buyer is actually going to play on all those consoles, especially since there is a lack of FGs on PS4 and XBOX1 with the exception of KI (well i guess FGs aren’t the only thing you can play, but there still is a lapse of those games).

Still its a bit of a pain but its doable.


Any modders in or near Sheffield, UK?

Ive just bought a Round 2 TE off, however it was listed as a ‘Grade A refurb’ and i have no idea as to what extent they’ve refurbished it. So a complete replacement of buttons and dual mod might be needed in the near future

Also, way back i sold my original TE on the old neoempire forums and later the buyer tried to accuse me of removing the sanwa buttons as he found they werent sanwa. We sorted it out eventually as i proved i hadnt. I bought it from GAME brand new at release and definitely never opened up the stick, nor would i know how. Anyone ever hear of this happening on madcatz sticks from factory?


Modders near Fresno Cali?


Hello, all! Desperately searching for a local modder in the Oakland/Greater San Francisco Bay Area that can dual mod my Qanba Q1 PS3/PC to be playable on the xbox360. Please let me know, I check my messages twice a day :slight_smile: