Need a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post


I’m available to do mods/troubleshooting/repairs in Columbus OH (currently excluding Xbone and PS4). I can do pcb installs, dual mods, USB replacement, microswitch replacement, part swaps, DB15 or DB25 jack installs, USB or RJ45 pass through jack installs, etc. PM me with questions about what you want/need.


Any chance you can update this thread based on the original one here?


Pretty sure it’s been mentioned, but every single link in the OP is dead or broken.


I mostly do soldering and troubleshooting, cable management, and other random hardware mods.
I’ve fixed TG-16 cd drives with broken gears, done region mods on several consoles, and did a lot of multi-console stuff, including RJ-45 setups back when I was running a retail store in Corpus Christi.

I’m currently located in Houston, TX and available when I’m not studying for classes. That means I can’t just drop everything and work on a project necessarily, but I tend to have free time during the weekends or Friday to do hobby stuff like this.


Need an affordable modder in SF. Got a case and want to play on PC.

PM please.


Hit up @DanAdamKOF or @jjordona


Wondering if anyone would be willing to take the task of making me a custom Dreamcast stick.


where do you live


Anybody in east Tennessee?


I’m from Connecticut. It would great to know of any neighbors in the area or a state away from me that I can go to for a multi console mod for 3 sticks of mine. Please feel free to shoot me a PM. I’m currently active on the site. Thank you


I don’t know why people post in here expecting people to PM them. The list is on the first page, look at the list and message accordingly. If you don’t have someone in your state, contact someone close to you that accepts mail orders.


Not sure if this is the place to post but i need a TE Round 2 modded to work on the PS4 and i live in NJ. I didn’t see anyone listed in NJ and all the NYC links are not working.



I do board swaps, and pcb modding. I specialize in Xbox360 and PS3 wireless pad hacks into arcade sticks. I’d be interested in trades for my pcb work for your box work. I’m the only person I know who can do a dual wireless ps3/360 mod in one stick using official controllers. The Xbox360 pad in the picture features all buttons and axis functional, including the sync button, both sticks converted from analog to digital, and the dpad. Please note that dual ps3/360 mods require an extra large box. I’m in NW Washington state, Bellingham, 98226. I can meet anywhere from Vancouver, Canada to North Seattle.


Need a modder in SoCal/Inland Empire to dual mod my PS4 Hitbox to work with Xbox 360 and PS3.
Please PM me. Thank you.


The list has the available modders, you PM them. That’s the way this works lol



I’m in northern NJ (greater NYC area)

  • button swaps
  • Padhacks (FC4)
  • PCB installs (akishop / Brook)
  • Artwork / design / Graphics Swaps
  • Custom cases & cabs


if you still need that done… I’m in your area… Bergen County NJ


Go ahead and add us to the list.

Utah- Salt Lake City
801 Mods


@networkingyuppy I’d like to get added to this list.

Location: California - San Diego

Can do:
Parts swaps, replacements, and stick rewiring
Current Gen/Legacy dual PCB installs and mods
Neutrik Installation and Custom RJ45 Cables
Padhacks and pad conversions
LED Mods