Need a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post


Hey need a modder for my mad catz fightstick pro(ps3). Long Beach California


@jdm714 @RoyalFlushTZ


Im in Los Angeles if you need mods done


Yo. You can add me to the list. Texas


I’m looking for a modder in/near Illinois. I’d like to switch out the PCB for my hitbox with a brook UFB.


looking for MAS stick for dreamcast. in Northern California. PM me plz


You’re probably gonna be better off posting this in a new WTB thread to get more eye balls seeing your request.

Good luck with your search, not too many Nor Cal folks willing to part with their MAS sticks.


can you do wood and plastic painting?


Any Modders in Tucson, AZ?


Anyone in Florida? Preferably the Kissimmee/Orlando area?


sorry i havent been on in a while but nope not my thing. i do have a buddy that might be able to help you out. if you still want work send me a pm. thanks


I need a cooling mod for my ps4? I would have to ship my ps4 to you though


I need a Modder for a dual mod in SoCal. Can u help?


Same here any modders in Chicago or nearby?


looking for someone in the bay area to help me out with some issues im having with my fightstick…please shoot me a pm if youre working in the bay area