Need a moderator to copy posts in a thread

Sorry if this does not belong here but Kyle asked me to post here since it was out of his jurisdiction.

I created a new match up thread in the SSF4 Adon section however I find that I am running out of space since the old match up thread was not regularly updated and lots of tips were within the thread. What I need is some of my older posts in the thread copied so I could use those posts to hold the extra data posting.

On another forum, I knew mods had the ability to copy a post (which essentially moved a post out of the thread to start a new one) and to merge threads (and with this tool, a mod can copy a post and merge it back which would allow the thread starter more room at the beginning of the threads).I do not know how it is done on these forums but would appreciate the assistance to get it done. I do not know who the mod of the Adon section is nor do I see any way to find out who that is.

Thanks in advance for assistance given.

Link to the match up thread: (Please make 3 copies of either post #2 or #3).