Need A Mvc2 Pic Made For My Stick,will Pay U For It!

this is for all the talented ppl on this section,if u can please help me out i would greatly appreciate it.i want a cool pic made so i can put it on my joystick,the stick is a little bit bigger than the mas so i’m not sure exactly how the dimensions need to be for the pic but when i find out i’ll post.i’mk looking for something creative with my team and name and logo on it.basically what i want is a pic with mag,sent and cyke u can have them doing wutever,pose,etc.just as long as it looks cool,also if u can have them all in their assist a colors that would be awesome,mags is a dark red with the dark blue,sent is the ruby red color with dark blue and cyke is the gray color with yellow.also just make a really cool background that would go well with the pic and if u can make it like black and reddish and include on the bottom left of the pic diagonally the words TEAM JAS.and on the bottom right put LORD JAS and on the top right put UPPER LEVEL.if someone please does this for me i would gladly send u 10 dollars tru paypal for your troubles.once u make the pic post it up so i can see and let u know if there is any changes that i may want,but i promise u i will pay u for it.also make the pic whole,in other words don’t include the holes for the buttons etc.thanks in advance…

the dimensions for the pic is 14 3/4 length x 11 1/8 width.hope that helps.

Lord Jas’ hot new stick art. :wink:

yea shit is the bombizzle!

that cyke in the corner looks hella out of place

Quoted for truth.

had to put him somewhere and there are not very many quality pics of him around. This one was cut off so he had to be edged and he had to be on the stick. In this position he is also not mauled up by the buttons. His beam also supplies a little light to the right side of Magneto which was in the artwork and would have been taxing to remove. Those are my reasons for putting him there.

The whole thing looks a little out of whack.

The sprites randomly placed up there and the Cyclops pic thats from Xmen Legends. Magneto picture is so much bigger than the Cyclops one. For me anyways, it looks kind of thrown together.

There’s plenty of good Cyclops art. Either from comics or the Marvel/Capcom crossovers he’s been in. Like Shodo said, it looks really out of place.

well maybe so but in the end it comes down to wether i like it or not and i do like it like that just fine so who cares.

Level3: You’ve done MUCH better.