Need a new avy. SC4 style

I need a new av for the upcoming Soul Calibur 4.

only use the upper torso area, like from his right elbow to his head
and i want him tinted red

some kinda white/green background something smokey?. Maybe an animation if possible for the appearance of my name on it >>; and i want my name in a bright green [xbox style]

I took a whack at it… tell me if you like it

looks great. can you add a flashing light animation from the top right?

Thanks for helpin me develop my skills, cause I just figured out something new while making this av… I think it looks fuckin bomb, and I believe it should work for non-prem

Tell me if you like this

luc: the file size is too large. non-prem is approximately 19.5 kb.


Thought it was 28 kb


Okay… check this. Its kinda sketch but it looks kind of artsy. I know for a fact it will work. If all else fails Jushiness, go prem and I’ll make a better version of this av no doubt killa

BLAOW!!! 14.46 KB

looks great ^^ thanks a bunch! now i just gotta wait tillthe game comes out. luckily Dark Knight comes out soon to occupy me till then