Need a new character


Can you believe it? I have played Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV for over 362 hours, used all characters and done many trials. But after all that, I still don’t know which character is right for me. I always been using Akuma but I suck with him. Currently Cammy is my best, followed by E Honda. I’d like to use Seth but I’m not a great player so I’d get stunned too easily. Combo execution isn’t a big problem for me, but I want a character that I can rely on for every match up, since I usually try to counter-pick based on what character I think someone is going to use judging by their gamertag.

I don’t want a character with a long moves list, and want one that’s good for defense as well as a rushdown offense. I use Guile offline but he doesn’t fit my criteria. So which character should I use out of the 39? Currently Cammy is my best, but I want another suggestion, so pretend I have no main character. Thanks in advance for any advice.


I use different characters in my gamertags just for ppl like you :nono:

But as far as your question I’d say Akuma is great on defense and offense, but you said you suck with him. He’s got beast cr. HP, and a DP. Other chars I can think of with a defensive game with some offense would be like Cody, DJ, Fei Long for defensive with offense. Cody is good and is getting buffed, has good AA normals, but lacks in good reversals. DJ has decent reversals, good zoning, and decent offense but he isn’t that great of a character (but he’s getting a little buff too.). Fei Long is kind of like the motion version of Boxer, he’s really good too so you can’t go wrong. Also Boxer is a turtley character with some offense. Maybe sakura.


How about this one