Need a new PS4 stick for GG Revelator... problems with my Q4 Raf


I previously had a Qanba Q4 RAF and was having some… issues. If I tried to move the stick from 7 to 3 (or reverse) or 1 to 9 (also in the reverse), it would, about 60-70% of the time fail to actuate properly and register a diagonal, leaving me fucked and dropping the combo or move. I was told that this is just because I’m new or that my execution is off, but it would do this even in a technical setting just moving the stick and watching the input. I made a video of it here. In this I am doing nothing but holding the stick and moving from corner to corner. Not attempting moves or combos or anything. Not even watching the screen.

Suffice to say though, after enough raging, the Q4 … well it’s no longer with us.

I am now having to decide on which stick to purchase as the successor, and I’m not really sure where to turn. I’ve heard a great many things “Oh this problem is fixed with an octagonal gate!” or “Only dumb fucks use octagonal gates!” to “Get a stick that has 8 buttons for directionals instead of 4”…

Could use some direction. Against my better judgement, my budget is around $150-200 for a replacement so I can continue to play rage inducing fighting games.

Any suggestions? I know there is the “Buying a stick?” thread, and I looked through it, but the layout is pretty confusing and hard to tell what is what. One stick showed a + for a Sanwa joystick, while another showed just a = as if it didn’t matter. Not quite sure what the weighting is, so I was hoping to get a better discussion going on finding a good option.


Getting only diagonals and no cardinal directions in between takes a lot of precision. You have to actuate two microswitches on essentially the exact same frame. Rather than trying to go directly to the diagonal, hit the horizontal direction for a split second and then slide the joystick up or down. So if you’re trying to hit 9, hit 6 first for a split second and then slide to 9.

If you wanna save money, take your Q4 and just replace the lever. The one that comes stock with a Q4 is the JLF but there are many different kinds of levers. Better start reading.

If somehow you completely borked the entire stick and it won’t work at all, get a Brook PCB. Not only will your stick work again but you won’t have to rely on legacy support for PS4.

Octo gate is based on preference. Give it a try and stick with it if you like it, but nothing makes up for poor execution.


Your problem is your execution. I watched the inputs. The problem wasn’t the Qanba.
You are probably better off with a Seimitsu stick instead of a JLF. Like a LS-40 or LS-56. And those do work quite well on the Qanba, but you have to mount it with the plate on top instead of under. @darksakul can correct me if I’m wrong on that.

If you aren’t ready for a new stick, you can try a Kowal actuator and an octagon gate from focusattack and see how well you do with it. If you find it better, then you will probably like the LS-56 even more. talk to @PresidentCamacho about that.

Tossing a Qanba Q4 that has a perfectly good housing just because you can’t execute is a bit anal.
The difficulty in doing precision moves in KOF or GGXX is one of the drawbacks of a JLF stick. But you can always mod…


Wut? You lost me.

Only thing with Seimitsu have to watch out for for mounting is sometimes you might want to use a S-plate instead of a flat plate to get the full height of the joystick.


Sorry I guess I didn’t really understand what people were saying before. They said you had to “top mount” it.
I didn’t know that had to do with an S-plate instead of a flat plate. Apologies.


OP raged his Qanba, so he has to purchase a new stick altogether, not just a lever.

Any new stick you get OP is going to feel just like the Qanba, since most come stock with JLFs. Hori sticks carry their Hayabusa lever which is just a silkier JLF. But that’s not going to help you, only practice will, since it your execution like you’ve been told. And don’t mind what you see in your key display; its actually pretty normal. As BolSadguy (hehe digging the name) said above, you have to be a God to hit both micro switches at the same time.

The one advantage you have is that you haven’t built up much muscle memory with the stock stick as yet, so tightening up the engage on either the JLF or Hayabusa (or if you do get a Seimitsu as recommended above, sweet) wouldn’t feel too weird, but you’ll still have to put in the time, actually even more time at first since you have to be more precise with shorter engage sticks. But it will pay off in the end, especially for GG and those instant air dashes.