Need a new Smartphone

So I really hope I hit the right forums here haha.
I am just wondering what smartphones are you guys using and why did you choose them ? I thought about getting a new one but I can’t really decide. I’ve been using an Iphone 4 since 2 years now and I was quite dissapointed so I definately won’t get the Iphone 5. Besides using it as a mobile phone I just do the usual stuff with it. Watch tv shows/movies/anime, listen to music, read the news, check my mails, read ebooks, watch videos on Youtube maybe play some templerun etc.
I travel quite alot and and I just can’t be bothered to carry laptops or Ipads around (especially on my way to school which is around 45 mins so getting an Ipad or Laptop for this isn’t really worth it).

It should have:

  • at least 32GB
  • decent battery
  • not too clumsy
  • shouldn’t break too easily since I drop my phone sometimes lol
  • be able to change stuff without purchasing 300 apps
    I considered the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, or a Samsung Galaxy S4 but meh, I don’t really know.

I’m currently using an HTC One X. It’s relatively cheap off ebay as the phone was first released a while back but is still pretty powerful by today’s standards. It’s also great to root & overclock.

A lot of my associates swear by the Galaxy Note 2, but is much more expensive.

The Nokia Lumia line is amazing.

I know lots of people haven’t given windows phone a second thought, but it truly is a great experience right out of the box.

I just picked up an LG Optimus l9. pretty nice phone. Getting rid of my tablet and finally hopping on the smartphone bandwagon. Doesn’t have the required 32Gb but it holds all the apps I really need (I don’t have a ton. Probably about ~30). Feels pretty durable. Haven’t had to opportunity to drop it yet. One thing I’ll say about it: the physical home button is kind of odd but everything else is pretty great.
Depends on your budget too. I wasn’t really looking to spend more than $250 for a smart phone. I got it for $189.
Judging by your phone options, your budget is higher than mine. You would probably like the Galaxy Note. Samsung is probably the best “smart” device maker on the market right now. They did some intuitive things w/ the tablet.
So yeah, no matter what you spend, above $200+ you’re really just paying for a faster processor, better camera and some extra doo-dad the manufacturer added to the device… That is until Oracle gets their ish together and brings linux to the smart phone realm.
I could be wrong but I like to think I’m close to right.

I have a Samsung Galaxy SII, got it when it was new and though an upgrade so I didn’t pay full price. They are now cheap with the Galaxy S4 coming around the door.
Great hone. It does not have 32GB memory, but it has a Micro SD card slot to further upgrade it’s existing 8GB

I’m looking at the Galaxy S4 right now. Seems top of the line is that vs HTC One

I really have a hard time deciding between HTC one and the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Yeah money isn’t that important since I will only pay around 35-45€ for 2 years for either one of the phones (including flatrates and etc).

Thanks for all the suggestions so far though.

Lately (as the start of the Android take off) Samsung gotten really good about their consumer electronics, so good Apple tried to sue Samsung because the Galaxy series have arbitrary similarities with the iPhone.
Like wow both phones photo editing apps has a sunflower as its icon, and they both slide to unlock.

If you ask me The Beatles should have sued Apple for Copyright infringement since there production company is also named Apple (the out of court settlement was Steve Jobs changed their Companies official name to Apple Computers).

The HTC ONE Specs

The Samsung Galaxy 4 Specs

Wait for Google I/O.
Out of the three you listed, the S4 is best (more community/dev support). Then the Sony, then the HTC (their software is crap).

This discussion is perfect for me, as I’m in the market for a smart phone as well. I’m perfectly fine with my “feature” phone but I’m forced to go smart since the wife wants the S4. Since we’re eventually letting go of her grandfathered unlimited plan, might as well join the smart phone bandwagon.

Anyway, I’m fairly interested in Windows phones, primarily it’s support for Office and also Lync. I’m defaulting to Android since i didn’t want to get an iPhone. The only reason I would go iPhone is just because of Ampkit and Amplitube. But I have at least until the release of the S4 to decide on what to get so hopefully other people would give in some pros and cons on stuff.

+1 for Windows Phone 8.

I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 today and it is really good (actually amazing compared to my shitty iphone). Kinda weird at first but I really like all the small gimmicks, the display is bigger than before, the battery seems to be nice and 32gb + 64 are also enough for all my shows, movies and music