Need a o.g. character


Hey, what’s up, I have had a team of Ryu,Sagat,and Guile since I’ve pleen playing CvS …and I have realized my Ryu against scrubs is o.k. but I get killed by real players. My Sagat while okay is still strong character and I can always work on him…and I have always been a Guile player, so that means I have good play while keeping the charge and can play decent Guile mind games. I need to find a character that can replace my Ryu, preferabbly a not to common character like Blanka or Vega, or Bison, but maybe they will do. Basically a character that has easy BB combos, and supers that can punish jump ins or silly mistakes, and also has a good defense and basically someone who can do damage instead of my Ryu!!!
p.s. If you tell me any dope character let me know why I should use them too.


Eagle or Maki

Reason: they’re fun, and everyone underestimates them! People think Maki is around Dan/Kyosuke level when she’s solid mid tier going into top tier. And everyone thinks Eagle is mid tier when he’s better than Sagat or Blanka!


i agree on eagle because he has some unbelievably favorable counter matches (most are as a point R1 character) and an easy answer to the more common RC’s (his mp counter, check the eagle thread if you really want to learn how to play eagle), but how is maki going into top tier? since mid tier in cvs2 is so debatable, what is just now being discovered about maki that makes her so close to the top tier?


Iori-Iori is really fun to play with i think. He is fast, does good combos really good mixups and looks hella cool.

Balrog(Boxer) Balrog to me is funy because he is overlooked and has good A grooves or a Level3 which does massive damage.

Kim-I’ve always been partial to Kim. I’ve been playing Kim in A groove recently and have found to him to be a great battery but he also had a TON of different stuff you can do like Iori. Maybe you’ll enjoy playing him. He has an infinite as well. That doesn’t matter as much but it’s somebody new.


i also agree with eagle. he’s a pretty solid character. His B&B is pretty simple and good damage, i use d.lp, d.lp, also, his chip damage is insane especially with his lvl 3 d,d/f,f,d,d/f,f+HP. so if ur not dealin damage u can chip em. he has great range especially his d.FK, and s.FP <–anti blanka ball:)

also, try yamazaki out.


Pick Maki she fun has a high learning curve though…:o
Eagle is cool too. but I would say play Raiden,Yamma,and Kyo.

those guys have great bnb’s,and good supers. They are strong and can hang with the best of them. Those 3 are O.G:)


If you want a good O.G. character with easy BNB combos, then try Chun Li. Use cr.jab, cr.jab, cr.strong or cr.jab, st.Fierce as BNB and buffer into fireball, SBK or kick super which is good for punishing mistakes. Her fireball super is good for punishing jump-ins if you don’t mind wasting her bar. If you use C-Groove, you’d have Daigo’s old team.