Need a PC PCB

In a fit of rage playing against some guys online, I got salty and “accidently” threw my TE on the ground…

So, it’s cast open now but still functional. Then I noticed one of the buttons didn’t work, so I traced it to the PCB, and saw that one connection is loose. Therefore I used my “elite” soldering skills to solder it back on. Then Windows could not recognise my USB connection. Great. So turns out i think I burnt my PCB.

End of deserved misfortune.

So the problem now is I need a new PCB, and one that works solely on PC. I used to have a PS3 which I bought for SF only, and a TE 2nd Round. I sold the PS3 cos Steam lets me play SF as well. And my PC chipset is compatible with the PS3 PCB.

Nevermind all that, so what options do I have to get a working replacement PCB which is compatible with PC? I don’t need PS3 or 360 support.

Thanks guys!

MC Cthulhu is an option, as is any 360 TE.

I don’t know about much else.

No point as a basic PS3 Cthulhu would serve the function for a cheaper price. He’ll still need to solder the USB connection unless replacing the stock TE USB cable with an A-B cable.

As his soldering skills are lacking then I would not suggest hacking a 360 Fightpad variant (which would be one of the cheapest options) without levelling up first.

Alternatively just get a local modder to do it all instead.

ZD Arcade?

Yep, that should do it.

Were the joystick cables ever updated to allow for a 5pin harness? Does it support PS3 ‘Home’ button?

ANY PCB being sold around here will work PC. ANY.

Would all those options work well? Near lagless?
Which one is imfamous for its quality?

Sidenote, is my PCB repairable?

The stuff in the photo doesn’t look so bad.

It was working fine until I burnt that section, then it didn’t recognise at all anymore. I probably destroyed the circuit?

Just so I have some hope, could someone tell me the order for the USB wire?
USB+ = Red
D- = White
D+ = Green

Then there’s two connectors with GND, which stands for Ground i suppose.
My USB has two black wires. Which goes to which?

All the pcb’s listed so far have as much lag as official pcb’s. You won’t notice anything.

Repairable? Yes.

With your skills? No.

I want to have one last go at soldering those joints, could you tell me if those are the correct connections?


USB = red
D- = white
D+ = green
GND = black USB
GND2 = black shielding

You can put the 2 black wires in either point, but you must connect the actual black USB wire. The black shielding wire is optional.

Here is my stick.
I don’t think it’s repairable gahrling. lol

Good lord, what did you do it?

But yes, repairable. It looks like all the plastic screw posts have snapped, so it should be possible to weld them back into place with a super glue or epoxy. Don’t throw it away whatever you do.

I chucked it a couple of times.
If it’s repairable. I could see when you have the time and have it repaired along with the PCB.


Will sort out something with you this weekend if possible.

That’s eating salt with a spoon

Dear lord. Between that and this:

this is a sad week for sticks.

Epoxy, dude, that’s all I have to say.

Geez, how many more graduates of the Gootecks school of stick throwing are there.

Dang, these aren’t Nintendo products people. Gahrling is right, epoxy and replacement pcb. Good news is that buttons and stick take $40 bucks of the cost if they still work and you decide to go for a custom xD