Need a person that can help me out with something

Hey Everyone,

Do You Live in Toronto or Close to that Region?
Do you like Street Fighter, like a lot?
Do you like watching Youtube video of Street Fighter?
Do you enjoy watching Street Fighter Tutorials in Youtube?
Do you like helping new players become better.
Do you like making people know about Events?
Do you know how to use Wordpress or atleast some knowledge of it?

If you are this person, please send me a message.
I want talk about something.


i feel that I fit this profile.

sending a PM

Now that doesn’t sound like a shady operation at all!

LOL, nothing shady about it. I need help on something and that’s the requirements I need.


Not in Toronto but I could potentially help out with this.

i know all of this… Russell let me know what sup.

Vince: Sent you an email. thanks

Doesn’t have to be Toronto, just as long as you have the passion for the game.


sounds like a pyramid scheme!!!

sounds like Tri-Force!!!