Need a presoldered ps dual shock

hi, i need a presoldered ps dual shock

I can probably help out. Just gotta see what I can find one around my place. I can do the soldering, but the shipping price from coast to coast will prob make the price higher than you want.

What kind of stick are you wiring it up to?

I can do one up.

If you want, I still have this up for sale, its not a dual shock but it shouldnt make a difference unless you are looking to have an analog button:

I got your pm, so I can do it, just not right now, when I have my orders finished which will be soon. Chaosdragon13’s controller looks scary as hell but its pretty cool concept and should work fine.

Does it really look that scary? Maybe the wiring does, but that parts all finished. The part thats left for the buyer to do is just to plug everything in. I thought its easier this way, but maybe its not selling because other people dont see it that way.

Problem is I can tell what you did, because I understand the logistics of it, if you don’t, I think most people are like wtf is that, and its hard enough to hack a controller, that looks harder, despite being easer.

Makes sense? lol