Need a PS2->PS3 converter

Hey…I’ve been out of the scene for a long time and I’m just recently coming back. I’d really like to get back into things, but I can’t play on pad very well. I have a PS2 arcade stick but it obviously doesn’t work for the PS3. Now, I’m sure there’s some sticky I’m missing or something but I can’t seem to find it so if someone can direct me to one of those I would appreciate it. But here are the questions I have…

  1. My PS2 Arcade Stick is a Hori Real Arcade Pro 2( and I’m looking to purchase a converter with very little input lag that is compatible. Which one is best/where can I get it?

  2. Does Sony not officially support converters? If not, are they likely to patch out compatibility? Would suck to waste a bunch of money to have my converter go bogus on me.

Thanks in advance for answering.

This is the one you want, it works with the HRAP2 on PS3 and has no lag or dropped inputs.

I’ve looking for that HRAP2 you got there…:wink:

I and several others have tested this one and even though its a cheap China converter, it has no lag or dropped inputs. I’ve used it for over a year now with no problems. I’ve also tested it on my PC with an input lag tester.

Oh yeah and you can find it for less than 5$.

You already know this probably, but you don’t have to find “Ps2 > Ps3”, a Ps2 to USB works fine. I bought one a few years back and used regular PSX and Ps2 controllers on my ps3 with no problem. But, it was the “official” version of this one, which i bought from lik-sang when they were still in business.

I have both the discontinued Pelican model and recently purchased an InPin Convertor. Both work well. I have not noticed any lag input at all and they are the only versions, I am aware of, that have a seperate PS3 “home” button and indicator LED on the unit. No multiple button presses or driver installation necessary. InPin on eBay was somewhat pricey however at $30.00USD.

While I’m sure these are good converters, have they been tested with PS2 HRAP sticks? The PCBs in PS2 HRAP sticks can be picky with converters.
$5.90, two Playstation ports and a USB port.

Free shipping. Don’t expect it to come soon unless you want a higher priority speed.

it’s good i you have another person playing.